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    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    I love this team, and I’m so happy for these guys — I probably haven’t been this happy to see a Boston team win since 2004. Cracking open the good bourbon right now. Tatum MVP
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    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    I love this team. The wait for Banner 18 ends tonight. Bravo to RSN for leading off the game threads during this incredible streak, I look forward to seeing another thread with a JMU helmet next October.
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    The Bill Simmons Thread

    I liked Russillo, and listened to most of his pods and his Sunday NBA pods with Bill. The takes on last nignt’s pod were a joke. He is so completely invested in his narratives that Luka is right there with Jocic as the undisputed #2 player on the planet, and that Tatum will *never ever* be a...
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    6/6 - Finals G1 vs. DAL - Comeback Song

    The Celtics are going to play one of their most complete games of the season tonight, KP is going to look spry, the offense is going to be humming, and they’re going to put the clamps on D and run Dallas off the floor. It’s going to be a repeat of Game 1 in the Miami or Cleveland series. Is it...
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    Round 3: Celtics vs Pacers

    I’m glad you pulled this, I had been meaning to look up the numbers, as I assumed Hauser’s 3PA rate was down in the postseason. When Sam is knocking down threes, the offense feels unstoppable. I would love to see the team try to generate a couple extra open looks for Hauser when he’s on the floor.
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    NBA formalizing deals with Disney, Amazon, NBC that would begin with the 2025-26 season

    I will miss the TNT studio crew, but I also preferred the overall TNT production and announcing crews as compared to ESPN/ABC. That will be a loss. I hope Ian Eagle and Kevin Harlan wind up calling games somewhere after the new TV deals kick in.
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    Western Conference Finals: Minnesota Timberwolves (3) vs Dallas Mavericks (5)

    Seriously - Kyrie put up 25-5-5 this year on 60% TS and was not a distraction at all. This was maybe one of Kyrie’s best full seasons as a pro.
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    Green Zinger Tea - Kristaps Porziņģis 2023-24

    Woj with a bit of an update - Porzingis looking more likely to return sometime later in the ECF. @wojespn: ESPN Sources: Boston Celtics center Kristaps Porzingis expected to remain sidelined for the start of the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday and Thursday, but there is optimism for a...
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    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    Scottie has the opportunity to do the funniest thing this weekend.
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    This Celtics team's biggest weakness is...

    13 posts and no references to "Taco Jay"?? Nike even made an (ugly) sneaker! Tacos forever!
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    Patriots' 2024 Free Agency Thread

    I would suggest that this is exactly the time the Patriots can reasonably afford to pay top dollar for a young, elite WR — they're likely to be paying Maye or Daniels on a rookie scale contract for the next 5 years.
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    2023-24 Celtics

    A 50-point drubbing of the Nets, the Knicks and Sixers both lose, and Chicago almost sneaks one out in Cleveland… a fun night of hoops. Heading into the All-Star Break, the Celtics have put a stranglehold on the 1-seed in the East with their current winning streak coinciding nicely with the...
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    2023-24 Celtics

    It’s not hard to look at the February schedule and think the team could go 8-2 (or better) over that stretch and put a stranglehold on the 1 seed. That would go a long way toward giving the starters plenty of rest down the stretch and hopefully going into the playoffs at full health.
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    The Incredible Hülk Returns, 2023 F1 Season

    This will be highly entertaining. Over/under on how many laps into the season before the first time Lewis blows up at his Race Engineer for screwing up pit/tire strategy?
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    MLB suspends Trevor Bauer for 2 years with no pay

    I just want to add that I’m glad to have SoSH as a news source on topics where I have admittedly not paid much attention. I did not closely follow the allegations against Bauer when it first came to light and he was suspended. After seeing Bauer’s video yesterday, I found both Twitter and...
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    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Cancer sucks. Wake came to the team and had his great ‘95 run just as I was reaching the age where I followed the Sox on a daily basis over the summer. Wake and Mo Vaughn were two of my earliest sports heroes. I saw him pitch many times, and tried learning to throw a knuckleball (like...
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    Week 2 - Miami: Let’s Groove Tonight

    Can’t wait to hear all week how ackshully Mac is good and people with a contrary opinion must not watch games
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    Week 2 vs Dolphins Pre-Game Discussion and News

    Maybe relax? The original point was not that NE is going to hold Miami to 13, but that even if the defense managed that type of performance it *still* might not be enough given how banged up the Pats O-line is. Hoping a few of these guys can play Sunday, otherwise I don’t think the offense...
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    2023 Pats: Offseason

    “We’re on to Cindy.”
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    Kelce vs. Gronk

    I’m not sure how to find penalty statistics or quantify this, but I thought Gronk was so physically dominant that he was officiated differently — both in terms of the amount of contact that defenders could get away with, and the number of OPI calls that went against Gronk for doing things that...