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    The Pantheon of Boston announcers: Who you got?

    Martin & Woods, Cusick & Pierson, and Stockton & Hawk Harrelson.
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    Bill Virdon passes away...

    While managing the Yankees in 1974, he was known among the players as Mr. Milkshake or The Milkshake Man. It was the only drink that would soothe Virdon's ulcers. (as written by Sparky Lyle in his book, The Bronx Zoo). In the eigth inning of the 7th Game of the 1960 World Series, Virdon hit the...
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    Jerry Remy Has Passed Away

    For you, Wif: View:
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    1975 World Series re-watch

    This thread has been a Godsend with what’s going on in the world and being confined to quarters. Many thanks to The Gray Eagle and Lexrageorge for making this thread & discussion one of the best reads in quite a while.
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    Thank you Brock Holt (signs with Brewers, now with Nats, got 1 AB at Fenway on 8/29)

    I hope Brock gets to play regularly and has a fantastic year. Milwaukee is absolutely going to love him.
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    Who will be the next manager?

    Eddie Kasko. 1) Knows the organization; 2) Has a winning record as a manager; and 3) Being that he's 88 years old, he's probably down here in Florida right now.
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    2019-20 Offseason News, Rumors, Trades

    Clint Hurdle retires from baseball:
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    Felipe Vazquez Arrested And Charged With Child Solicitation

    An entire starting outfield of WTF: Mel Hall in left, Chad Curtis in center and Luis Polonia in right.
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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    Agreed. For the longest time, they used an acient picture with dark hair Francesa's, and Beningo's picture when he had hair.
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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    WFAN's early afternoon show, CMB, is now MB. Carlin exits the FAN this afternoon:
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    Jim Bouton dead at 80

    From Goossen's Wiki page: "While at the gym in 1988, his brother Joe asked him to meet with actor Gene Hackman, who was doing research for the film Split Decisions. Soon afterward the two became friends, and the actor hired Goossen to work as his stand-in. Hackman had written into his contracts...
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    Jim Bouton dead at 80

    Bouton on Reconciling with Mantle: Bouton on his return to Yankees' Old Timers Day: Have your Kleenex at the ready.
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    2019 Mets: My Agent Is Now My GM

    More Mickey/Brodie news:
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    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Rose did manage to get this on Tank's show without interruption:
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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    NY Mets pre and post game analyst Nelson Figueroa fired from SNY. He must have made some entrance coming to work Thursday morning:
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    2019 Jets: Throwing INTs & Seeing Ghosts!

    WFAN mid-morning hosts Joe & Evan announcing the firing and The Gace Ascension:
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    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    There's no better interviewer of sports figures than Tank, and that includes everyone.
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    The Uniform

    Could someone please explain what were the virtues of wearing windbreakers underneath your uniform in the 60s/70s?
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    Boomer & Carton

    Carton facing sentencing today:
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    Tom Seaver diagnosed with dementia

    From the NY Post: “We’ve been in contact with the Seaver family and are aware of his health situation,” Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said in a statement. “Although he’s unable to attend the ’69 Anniversary, we are planning to honor him in special ways and have included his family in our plans. Our...