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  1. ZMart100

    Team USA 2024

    Embiid has looked lost on the court for Team USA.
  2. ZMart100

    Where will Braden Montgomery land in Red Sox Top Prospects?

    Bleis' production will come around. His .206 BABIP isn't sustainable. Everything else looks good.
  3. ZMart100

    2024 PROMOTIONS (& demotions) Thread

    I would think Coffey could move from Greenville.
  4. ZMart100

    2024 DSL Red Sox

    [We were talking about Ilan Fernandez] I was curious if I could find any video of Ilan to see what he looks like. I found a couple as a 16 year old from a fall league. Here are 2 PAs from last August. The first is a weak grounder for a single. The second is a five pitch walk. View...
  5. ZMart100

    2024 FCL Red Sox (FCL...duh)

    The Ks are a little concerning at ~25%, but I think he will need to get up to Salem when the FCL ends. It's almost time to plant my flag for Ilan Fernandez (happy to see you move him up)... I'd like to see him sustain his success for a little longer though.
  6. ZMart100

    2024 FCL Red Sox (FCL...duh)

    Franklin Arias heading in the right direction: May .282/.389/.339 0 HR June .352/.455/.648 3 HR Pretty good for a high quality glove at SS.
  7. ZMart100

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    I don't have a problem with the Woj tweets. Explaining the logic of the deal to the general public makes sense. I don't think he needs to point out these players' deficiencies right now.
  8. ZMart100

    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    Yeah, I'm not sure anyone feels like they got burned on player evaluation by Brad. Maybe SA should have gotten more for White, but everything else seems like the other sides got roughly what they wanted.
  9. ZMart100

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Yeah, but I believe the Cs are still better than Dallas with Al and Luke.
  10. ZMart100

    6/3/2024 - DSL Season Begins

    Taking the box score at face value, the good news is that in 13 innings Red Sox pitching gave up 0 earned runs.
  11. ZMart100

    6/2/2024 - PERALES in Portland

    Greenville rallied with a 6 run 9th to win 7-6. Yordanny got the start in Greenville going 4 IP 1 ER 3 H 2 BB and 2 Ks. Plus made this play View: Wu-Yelland went an inning giving up one earned and one unearned run on a hit and...
  12. ZMart100

    National Celtics discourse

    Between these finals and Paris, there's a good chance Tatum is viewed radically differently at the start of next season.
  13. ZMart100

    2024 MiLB Injuries & Other Affronts

    It could be Jostynxon. There are two spots- I know you have been an advocate for Elmer, but I would personally like Yordanny to end his rehab and return to Greenville. I'm probably going to catch them this coming home stand and think he is more interesting.
  14. ZMart100

    Minor League Thread 2024

    It's a lot of bat first guys who don't look like they have a bat that is an asset at the ML level yet. So what do they add to a MLB roster? If selected in Rule 5, I think they get returned. I would be more worried if they carried value as defensive or base running replacements.
  15. ZMart100

    Minor League Thread 2024

    I don't think any of those bats need protecting. The pitchers might, but I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of them on the roster by the end of the season.
  16. ZMart100

    2024 PROMOTIONS (& demotions) Thread

    He's 25, so he should be at a higher level, but I thought they'd keep him at A+ a little longer since he only has 22.1 innings in Greenville.