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  1. Dalton Jones

    Chad Finn: Underrated

    Podcasts with bluetooth in the car is the way to go. Don't listen to sports talk radio anymore....
  2. Dalton Jones

    What year is your favorite Red Sox season?

    I was born in 1954, so imagine what it was like to be a thirteen year old in 1967. Like anyone my age I can still name the starting nine, the mid-season acquisitions (Jerry Adair, anyone?), and the pivotal moments from around mid-July to Game 7 of the World Series. I remember it as one long...
  3. Dalton Jones

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    I, too, am unable to fathom why Tanguay has a job, even a substitute job. I can only conclude that he pays them to be on the air.
  4. Dalton Jones

    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    I'm sorry for Orsillo and I agree that he's probably better than the majority of play-by-play guys around the country, but anyone who thinks OB is not an upgrade is insane.
  5. Dalton Jones

    Least Essential Boston Sports Media Personality?

    I've told this story before so I apologize for repeating it but it seems so apt here. Tanguay and Dickerson got there start on local radio in Worcester in the mid '90s on a station that was eventually bought out by 'EEI. I was living in Worcester at the time and would listen to them...
  6. Dalton Jones

    NCAA Tournament Final Four game thread

    I figured it out. Thanks.
  7. Dalton Jones

    NCAA Tournament Final Four game thread

    I'm coming in late. Is this some new thing where they have the color guy openly root for one team? Seems like this color guy is pro Kentucky. Am I missing something?
  8. Dalton Jones

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Count me among those who can't stand the sound, the mere sound, of Jones's voice. That alone is enough to set me off. His blatant attempts at generating interest with his hot sports takes is incredibly off putting, and when you add the stupidity, well I'm done. Felger is a douche but at least...
  9. Dalton Jones

    Revis the Jet: Plans to be part of the WH visit

    I get the money part and I don't begrudge him a single cent of it but I can't imagine if the money were close why he'd want to go back to that shithole of an organization. I think the Pats are fucked for next year but they'll still win the division and with Revis they'd have had an excellent...
  10. Dalton Jones

    Revis the Jet: Plans to be part of the WH visit

    The money must be absurd. He'll never win another Super Bowl. Wow.
  11. Dalton Jones

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    I think Bertrand should get a top gig someplace.  He's very good.  I don't often have a chance to listen to them, but I find MFB sophomoric and dull.  I would like to see Bertrand and Gaspar in that spot.  But while sophomoric and dull may not be any way to go through life, it seems to work on...
  12. Dalton Jones

    1/7: Penguins

    That's the Lucic we all want to see. And whole team showed forechecking and back checking grit and won battles on the boards. Very satisfying win.
  13. Dalton Jones

    Brady reworks deal (again)

    Whoops, Morgan was posting his take while I was composing mine.  Never mind.....
  14. Dalton Jones

    Brady reworks deal (again)

    I'm all over the place on this.  I immediately had the same reaction as Simmons and freaked out about the part that let's them cut Brady without owing him anything.  Then I began to listen to the voices of reason on twitter, here, and on the radio and became mildly convinced that it was a...
  15. Dalton Jones

    Week 16 Game Thread

    Manning even looks old running up to center....
  16. Dalton Jones

    Week 16 Game Thread

    I think Pittsburgh is the only thing standing between us and Phoenix.
  17. Dalton Jones

    Week 16 Game Thread

    Manning has been such a great player that he may find a way to pull this game out of his ass, but there is definitely something wrong. I can't believe in saying this because I've always hated his choking guts, but this is sad to watch. BTW, AJ Green is a pussy.
  18. Dalton Jones

    Week 16 Game Thread

    Manning looks like toast. Wow.
  19. Dalton Jones

    MLS 2014: The U$MNT Comes Home

    First time I've watched a full MLS game. I was shocked by the excellent quality of play. Thierry Henry was unreal. Really impressed by Tierney and Nguyen for the Revs. And Jermain Jones is really solid. Hope a new stadium is built in Boston. I will buy season tickets.