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    Duran wins ASG MVP

    I am currently in Cooperstown and none of the shops have Duran T-shirts yet! What’s the matter with them? They’re behind the times!
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    Let's Talk About Bello

    ,,,or if Bello is hurt, put him on the IL again and let him get well. This season is going nowhere with respect to wins, but is very important in terms of assessing/developing young talent. They should do nothing to impact his development, confidence, etc. and if he is hurt, let him heal.
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    SS possibilities going forward

    Well, now we know. Surgery. 6 months. Now, maybe, they consider outside help.
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    SS possibilities going forward

    Correct. But we don’t have that opinion yet. I think they are waiting.
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    SS possibilities going forward

    Do we have an update on Story's status? Last I could find he was saying "significant injury" but he was on the 10 day IL. I don't believe it will be only 10 days. But if we are looking at a 6-8 week window in a season that is interestingly giving us nice looks at the in-house options at many...
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    Jordan Montgomery signs with Arizona

    There might be another factor here for Monty...his wife. I think I recall someone herein noting that she is finishing her dermatology training in Boston this year (It would be June, probably). And I think I recall (but could not find the clarification on this) that she will be moving somewhere...
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    2024 Red Sox spring training games

    Yes, but they were blocked on their way to the (dinner) plate by the traffic on Daniels Parkway and ended up out in the parking lot…
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    2024 Red Sox spring training games

    When the game ended, Kyle Hudson came over to talk to some people behind home plate. A lot of the people that were slow to get out of the part started pointing at him and saying that’s the guy that sent the guy from third base! It’s spring training and the Sox won so nobody cares too much, but...
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    2024 Red Sox spring training games

    Horrible base running, and perhaps, third base coaching, to run into a disgusting double play. I’m at the game, and the general mood of the crowd went from elation on the hit to absolute disgust with the double play.
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    2024 Red Sox: Better, Worse, or About the Same?

    I said worse. Without Giolito, I think they’ve gone into the mode of seeing what they have in the younger players and how they can be developed. And with the Giolito injury, they have a perfect excuse to do this.
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    The Newest Vaughn

    …and make sure he does not rehab on a bicycle!
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    Heinz Ketchup is returning to Fenway

    This is good, but hopefully we won't repeat last years situation where we are playing ketsup in every game!!
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    Offseason rumors

    This really looks like a giant game of Chicken with everyone posturing and waiting to see who will blink first. In that context, it is difficult to believe much of anything that is being said.
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    Theo’s back????!!!!

    I wonder if the presence of Theo will stabilize the image of the Red Sox enough for free agents to be more favorably, inclined to consider coming here?
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    Offseason rumors

    I am enjoying reading all of these rumors and speculations, but my approach is that I don't believe ANYTHING until it happens (like many have said). The messages coming from organizations (Breslow and others) have an audience of...not me, you, or the reporter. The player and his agent. "Our...
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    What is the Minimum Level of Success You will be Satisfied with from the 2024 Red Sox?

    I voted three but like many, it is between 3 & 4. Mostly, don't be boring, and if that is competing, even a little, for something, and/or watching kids develop, either is fine with me.
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    BB open to relinquishing GM duties?

    I am a year older than Bill. 72 now. I officially "retired" last June. I had a 41 year career in one place, and was in various leadership positions during that time. As I got older (mid 60's) I began reducing my work load by mutual agreement. I gave up control of many things. I did not...
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    Lucas Giolito signs 2 year, 38.5M contract with Red Sox (opt-out after 1 year, potential 3rd year option)

    Agree. We have some relatively young potentials on the roster currently (Houck, Crawford, Pivetta, Whitlock, etc.). I can see them waiting to see what the "3 amigos" can do with them before going out and spending a king's ransom on free agents, particularly where there are flaws in many. OK...
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    Extreme Makeover: The Jarren Duran Edition

    A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to chat in an informal setting with Sam Kennedy. As I am a physician, the discussion came to health issues, and in particularly mental health problems. At the time, a player, long since departed from the Sox, was having some "melt down" issues. Sam...
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    Tom Brady is retired

    A fantasy: He signs a 1-day contract with the Pats, comes to training camp and works along side Mac, and then we do the appropriate send-off for him after that "one day" which is an appropriate finale to what he meant to New England. His past departure really left many of us cold, and this...