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  1. sunoff

    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    If it helps, you can usually get mlbtv for almost free, like...$3.. from someone elses T-Mobile account. Just pay attention to slickdeals dot com You can apply it to existing accounts.
  2. sunoff

    Week 2 - Miami: Let’s Groove Tonight

    Tldr; they suck Little longer... They suck, and are not even close to being built for the long haul. The lack of an offensive line is just depressing. I get it... If you like Gonzalez, don't bitch about no offensive tackle. I think they picked correctly. I was a huge defender of the strange...
  3. sunoff

    8/25/23 - Los Angeles at Boston

    Honestly? They don't deserve to be in the playoffs. And fark mlb and appletv. They both suck too.
  4. sunoff

    When Is It Okay To Worry About Triston Casas: An Attempt at the Reverse Jinx

    "Cas...y" is quickly moving up the charts for my next dogs name. Wether it can overcome "Tully" is yet to be seen. I Like my Irish whiskey...
  5. sunoff

    2023 World Baseball Classic

    At one point tonight we had USA/JAPAN, Bruins, and Celtics all on at the same time. Crowd started very pro Bruins. Before the Bruins game was over, everyone was watching baseball. It was pretty cool and unexpected. People were definitely into it. Several actually commented about being excited...
  6. sunoff

    Tracking Pats Cap Space

    I was multi tasking lol
  7. sunoff

    Might as well start talking about 2021

    His parents live on Cape too.
  8. sunoff

    2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    We're trading out of the first of if theres taker.
  9. sunoff

    What to do with the extra iPhone 8 Verizon sent by mistake

    Idk... I've dealt with serialized electronics before... You won't get in trouble or anything (by any stretch of imagination) but I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually gets questioned. It's on someone's inventory list somewhere. It had to be. They don't just disappear. Well until they do. Then...
  10. sunoff

    JDM is signed-5 years, 110 mil

    Are there any references that say this is true? no biggie, just haven't heard this before.
  11. sunoff

    Goodell’s Extension: Back to the Mail Room?

    This is definitely going to be a fun ride to watch though. You now have several billionaire owners that have a hair across their respective assess (whether that be public or private) . Whoever is dropping the anonymous media "nuclear option" on jerry made me smile. The lifetime insurance bit...
  12. sunoff

    2017 NFL Draft Day 2 - Let's go make some GD picks

    Trying to keep up with what picks they have, while bartending, Is absolutely impossible
  13. sunoff

    Romo Replacing Simms in CBS Booth: Praise All Gods!!!

    Try this again
  14. sunoff

    Sonos vs Bluetooth speakers: help!

    Going on a couple storms now... I give the sonos 1 a major thumbs up.
  15. sunoff

    Sonos vs Bluetooth speakers: help!

    Fyi...the sonos play 1 is water resistant. It's held up fine in my shower for going on two years. I put one outside on my deck a couple weeks ago under an eave. So far so good, with some real snotty weather. I've got them everywhere now, it just kind of happens. For $200 I'll take the gamble...
  16. sunoff

    Setting up a wireless cable signal

    I wouldn't get too complicated. How about running some coax neatly along the floor/wall and covering it up with color appropriate cable hiding thingys...
  17. sunoff

    The Totally Non Official Precursor To The Official Predictions Thread

    full disclosure.... my 90+ vote is really a vote for 88-91