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  1. Matty005

    Home Run Derby Game thread

    I saw her live last summer and she was really good. I think she's a graduate of Berklee too so she's obviously very talented but I don't know what the heck that was.
  2. Matty005

    2024 Tennis

    Didn't hawkeye show that the ball was in? Nope! You were right. Thought hawkeye showed it in.
  3. Matty005

    NBA Finals Tickets

    I'm piling on too because @tonyandpals is the absolute best (other than his backhand).
  4. Matty005

    NCAA Friday Game Thread

    Pretty sure he was out of bounds anyway even when he got the loose ball.
  5. Matty005

    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    I think I am wrong, but didn't they convert the 2nd and 12 after the holding play in OT? It ended up being almost exactly where they would have been without the penalty (maybe 1-2 yards back).
  6. Matty005

    2024 PGA Tour

    PGA Tour is on Golf Channel and has been for the last hour+.
  7. Matty005

    2024 Tennis

    I think that included the rain delay though.
  8. Matty005

    Green Fields of the Mind

    Think we're talking, "SOSH tradition."
  9. Matty005

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    The link below is talking about how Caesers and Fanatics both signed an agreement to allow streaming in their app if you bet on the game. Does that technically mean if I bet 10 cents on the Pats to win in a state that allows gambling I will be able to stream that Pats game? (10 cents is the...
  10. Matty005

    2023 Tennis

    Yeah, been coming every weekend over Labor Day for almost 15 years and this year is by far the most crowded. Every Ashe match is full and the outer courts are packed as well. I was really nervous that when Roger, Rafa and Serena were no longer playing that tennis would drop off. Not only has it...
  11. Matty005

    2023 Tennis

    I hope you're right, but I feel like I've heard this prediction for 15+ years and it's never happened. I say Novak in 3 (maybe 4). And again, I hope I am wrong.
  12. Matty005

    2023 Masters

    Any clue when the leaders will tee off for round 4?
  13. Matty005

    Edwin Diaz out for the season

    I understand the reasons people are feeling upset , but I don't get the takes at all. 1. He didn't even get hurt playing - he was hurt while celebrating. 2. Even if he did get hurt playing, that could happen in spring training, Opening Day, June, playoffs, etc.
  14. Matty005

    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    Geez, I really hope SoSH > Twitter.
  15. Matty005

    YouTube drops MLB Network

    Maybe it changed but back a few years ago, you had to be connected to the "Home" wifi to be able to stream for Comcast.
  16. Matty005

    YouTube drops MLB Network

    Even if I was paying the same amount (I am not, I am paying about $25 less by having YTTV and a separate wifi source) YTTV is still so worth it. I can bring my roku (or laptop) on any trips and I have pretty much every show at my disposal. If I want to bring the TV outside during football...
  17. Matty005

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Just received an email that YouTubeTV is cutting ties with MLB Network. Another bummer.
  18. Matty005

    my guess on the playoff sch

    Oh yeah, totally. I think they'll get Al though.
  19. Matty005

    my guess on the playoff sch

    Saturday night game is pretty solid, I think. I seem to remember Brady and the Pats getting that time slot a lot (though this was before the playoff schedule was changed). I was banking on that game being the early one on Saturday.