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  1. Number45forever

    Belichick on the pats cap situation: ”We sold out and won three Super Bowls.“

    And he's exactly right. What he said, combined with some misses in the draft and Brady leaving = 2-5.
  2. Number45forever

    NFL Playoffs Expansion with a Potential 17th Game

    I can't believe there aren't more calls for that extra bye week, even if the season stays at 16 games. The extra TV revenue possible from another week of regular season play just from that would be enormous. Plus the players get more rest. This part seems like an absolute no-brainer...
  3. Number45forever

    Patriots, Nick Caserio agree to contract extension

    This is fantastic. Hope he got a nice raise.
  4. Number45forever

    Tickets go on sale Friday: How excited are you about the 2020 Red Sox?

    It's been just an insane last four seasons. 2016: Ortiz has a monster retirement season at age 40, then a surprisingly early playoff exit. 2017: Division champs again, meekly out in postseason. 2018: Cora comes on board, Mookie puts on the superhero cape and they break all the records while...
  5. Number45forever

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    He'll be back and his numbers will improve. I can't see how he could have a less skilled and less consistent group of skill guys than he's had in 2019. I expect they'll add a WR, a TE or two, and then Sanu and Harry will be year two in the system. Better times ahead for TB12.
  6. Number45forever

    Pre-Game Thread: Buffalo

    Win this week, please. Then lock Edelman in a training room for two weeks to get ready for the divisional round. Beat Miami without him. Profit.
  7. Number45forever

    Pre-Game Thread: Buffalo

    Really excited for this game. It's now, or never, for this season's team. Hat and t-shirt game, I would think they'll come out and play well. Start really building for whatever January holds in store. I'd hope we got a lot of running, play action, misdirection stuff. Keep working in Harry...
  8. Number45forever

    POLL: Number of Titles

    I mean this with no offense to anyone. Fuck everyone else, go Pats. The NFL is a corrupt goliath with zero redeeming qualities. I hate it more with each passing month. I love the Patriots. Hope Brady retires with 10 rings. Everything else is noise.
  9. Number45forever

    Pre-Game Thread: Cincinnati

    This would be a great week to win 42-0, with Brady getting lots of time to throw to Harry and Meyers while Edelman rests in the second half. Let's have an easy one, please. Push these assholes around and build some momentum.
  10. Number45forever

    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    Absolutely zero chance he wrote that. The samples of his "writing" in the past would lead one to believe he couldn't even put together a coherent sentence. I hope the sentiment is his, but just zero chance that's his writing. So many of the Pats players, including TB12, keep liking his stuff...
  11. Number45forever

    Pre-Game Thread: We're onto Kansas City

    This is a huge barometer game, I think. If the offense sucks again, real panic will commence for me. KC's defense can be had, the Pats are home and this will be a second straight game with the same group of skill guys all healthy. Time to take some actual strides forward, hopefully. I...
  12. Number45forever

    2019 Playoff Seeding and Home Field Advantage Watch

    Fuck that noise. If the Pats beat Buffalo at home, the division is ours. If the Pats can't beat Buffalo at home, they don't deserve to win the division. This week, go Bills. Let's get the 1 seed.
  13. Number45forever

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    I thought Brady was great in that game yesterday. The conditions sucked, it was really windy and raining the whole game. A few drops hurt, but whatever. He generally made zero mistakes and made a few really, really good throws. The "failures" of TB12 during this season are due a lot more to...
  14. Number45forever

    2019 Schedule Thread

    Selfishly, that move to Saturday SUCKS. I'll probably miss the game, the first I'll have missed in a very long time.
  15. Number45forever

    2019 Game Goat Thread: Wk. 9 at Ravens

    Just too many self-inflicted mistakes. That penalty on the opening drive to give Baltimore four points. The fumble. That was a really winnable game despite the opening onslaught by the Ravens. Lamar is a problem, and he's probably going to get even better...assuming he stays healthy. Huge...
  16. Number45forever

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    From an article in the Athletic with a bunch of Browns' guys talking about Brady, this is Aaron Shea, Brady's old BFF from Michigan and a former TE and front office guy with the Browns: Shea said he regularly talks with Brady about when he might retire. Brady’s answer: “Do you like what you’re...
  17. Number45forever

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    Volin is garbage and I'm not reading his shit. But, the headline is enough for me...if Brady gets a seventh ring, there's literally nothing left to prove. He'd be 43 next season and may want to ride off into the sunset at that point. He's earned that. If he wants to come back, they'll have...
  18. Number45forever

    Josh Gordon Reinstated (Again)

    Sucks. There was a video of him at practice today where he was still moving with a noticeable limp. Sucks it happened on the play it did, should never have had to be in that position making a tackle. Hope he's back in 2020.
  19. Number45forever

    The Rays and their nagging attendance problem. Will a new stadium solve that?

    This is so dumb. What do the players houses in both cities? The Rays are full of players not exactly making a fortune, that won't go over well with the fanbase. Plus, they all have families. Home for 40 games per season with the family instead of 81? Dumb. Just move to Montreal.
  20. Number45forever

    The Tiger Thread

    He'd be #1 right now if he'd played enough events. They divide world ranking points (accumulated over two years) by tournaments played with 40 as the minimum divisor. He's not played close to 40 events the last two years, but they still use 40 as the divisor. If he'd accumulated points at the...