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    Should the Sox sell high on Jarren Duran?

    Maybe, but more likely he isn't. He's significantly older than Rafaela, Abreu and Anthony, and I've given up on the notion that he can be even an average defensive center fielder. He's a left fielder, if we're being honest. A lot of his offensive numbers were the result of a ridiculously high...
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    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    I think it's likely that if they add two starters from outside the organization, at least one of the Houck/Whitlock/Crawford/Pivetta/Winckowski group will be used as a trade piece.
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    Offseason rumors

    Boras represents both Snell and Montgomery. I'll be stunned if they sign with the same team
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    Red Sox Riddles

    Both led the American League
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    Red Sox Riddles

    Jim Rice and Carlton Fisk. Both led the AL
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    2024 Core

    If Trout wants out and if the Angels want to move him, I bet Anaheim would pick up a chunk of Trout's remaining contract to improve the prospect haul.
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    2024 Core

    I'd much prefer trading for Trout to signing Ohtani. But obviously, it's up to Trout and the Angels whether he'll be available.
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    2024 Core

    The Red Sox didn't give Devers all that money and all those years to move him to DH at age 26. He may never be better than a below-average 3B, but he can and has been a lot better than he's played this season. Work with him.
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    What does the Red Sox outfield look like in 2024?

    Verdugo is likely gone. Turner may be too, which will make Yoshida the primary (but not exclusive) DH. Duran looks like a LF to me, potentially a very good one with his speed. Would love to see Rafaela in CF, but his bat will determine how much he plays. This team badly needs an impact bat in RF.
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    Baseball America Top 100 ‘23: 5 Red Sox

    Extremely high ceiling and still very young
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    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    Other teams see the same chase rate as the Red Sox. Rafaela will play in the majors, but his ability to address this issue will determine whether he can play regularly or just be a valuable part-time player
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    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    Rafaela is on the 40 too
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    Trade Deadline Approach

    They just gave Bogaerts 11 years, and the team's best SS (Kim) is playing 2B. Not sure Mayer would be their first choice. More like Bello.
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    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    There's a good argument to be made that trading Verdugo at the deadline makes more sense than trading Duvall. I'm a Verdugo fan, but let's be real about what he is: a nice 3-4 win corner OF who hits for average and plays great defense. Doesn't hit the ball particularly hard, and hits a lot of...
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    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    I would love to see them get Edman, but he's currently on the IL rehabbing a wrist injury
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    2023 Starting Rotation

    Yes, but the odds of all of those guys being healthy, fresh and effective 2 1/2 months from now are pretty slim
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    Valuing the assets, where do the Sox stand?

    I have concerns about Yorke as well. First, his defense will never be better than OK, so he has to really hit to be a regular. His swinging K rate is alarmingly high for a guy with decent, but not great power. Misses a lot of pitches in the zone, and that's not great. Meidroth is interesting...
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    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    Shoulder injuries scare the crap out of me. Pass.