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    Duran wins ASG MVP

    Yes you are correct, i just looked to see what his current contract was for and didn't see he was not arbitration eligible for 4 years.
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    Duran wins ASG MVP

    Enjoy it because he is only signed for this season, do the Sox break out the checkbook for a player that is quickly rocketing up the list of leagues top young players. He makes base salary right now, once again these crappy 1 year deals, couldn't of maybe thrown the guy a couple million per...
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    Home Run Derby Game thread

    She needs to go take the Ozzy Osborne class on how to perform inebriated! He would actually become more understandable when he was drunk and high up on stage....:D
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    Misc. Pats Offseason News

    Adding Aiyuk would probably give us maybe 3 extra wins with how shotty the o-line is, what that will do is knock the team into the middle of the draft along with most likely losing either a 1st round pick to trade for him or a 2nd and maybe a player or late round pick. I much rather take the...
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Crazy how cheap tv's have become, i remember being younger and wanting a tv in my room to play genesis games on a long damn time ago, i saved up all summer and bought at the time a budget 20" tube tv for like 900 bucks. Today that can get you a 65 inch 4k set in the mid end range...
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    Good Morning Football moving to Los Angeles

    Yikes a 4am start time for them, what a dumb choice to move it to the west coast...
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    Revolution Stadium Proposal in Everett

    I know one thing, it is difficult to drum up fan support and grow the team when you can never watch a game on tv! Apple tv and standard definition channels are not even slightly good enough! I wish them luck and today i beleive using tax dollars for things like this is not even close to the top...
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    Wyc ownership group planning to make Celtics available for sale

    Can't blame Wyc, leaving at the peak is just smart business! Our country is going to be looking at some hard times here soon regardless of what happens in November and sitting and not cashing in this chip when you see what is likely to happen would be unwise imo. Sucks because he was for sure...
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    Formula 1 2024: Ferrari's Return to Glory. Possibly. Ok, Unlikely.

    Norris made the smart choice imo to not back down when Max drove into his line, if he does that you wreck him and take him out of the race every time imo! If he concedes to Max's block then Max will always block. Now Max has that nice thought of being wrecked and taken out of the race the next...
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    At least five players facing lifetime ban for betting

    Ah so this is what happens when you not the best player in the league i see...
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    Formula 1 2024: Ferrari's Return to Glory. Possibly. Ok, Unlikely.

    The parody and racing really is non existent in F-1 right now. They must of done something to the red bull team because they clearly have been brought down a notch or two over the last few races imo. The last thing F-1 needs right now is Max winning 98.9% of the races, he is not winning these...
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    Conference Finals

    Looks to me like the Rangers are suffering from the same issue the Bruins had with getting forechecked into next week.
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    Shertenlieb Show? Rich Radio? - mornings on ZLX

    Lol what would he fill the 4 hours of time with now that Bill is not the coach? I loved Johnson as a player but man his salty Bill takes over the last few years has made him a miserable listen.
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    Plummeting Ticket Prices

    I imagine as the season continues and the sox fall further behind the tickets will only continue to drop in price. The days of this being a hot ticket are long gone right now, maybe they get it back but I'm not so sure that happens again with this ownership. They seem completely disinterested...
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    Game 1 - The Payback

    I really wish the coach would just shut all these people up with the who will be in goal crap, only the dumbest of dumb F##k's would think it would be smart to put in Ulmark right now! Swayman is the only reason they are even playing tonight, it should be his net until he chooses for it not to...
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    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    Too me it looks like he has lost his locker room, they are certainly playing that way it seems.... I agree if they go down next game i have to imagine he will be replaced, how much more of a leash do we give Sweeney though?
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    Luddite new computer recommendation

    Won't get any argument from me, as you can see above my thoughts are always buy as much as you can afford.
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    Luddite new computer recommendation

    I know i specced an air M3 model with the better 10 core proc with 24gb of memory and a 1tb hard drive for under 2k. Not sure how much beefier those pro chips are but i think either or would work well for the next 6 years easy.
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    Luddite new computer recommendation

    Ah yes grammar insults, the surefire sign of winning an argument.... :D
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    The Yoshida Conundrum

    A sure fire drinking game that would result in severe intoxication would be to require red sox fans to take a shot when they cant guess the red sox batter at the plate:drunk:! I was seriously having trouble with over 80% of the field roster.... :D