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    Hall of Fame contest

    Beltre 92% Mauer 86% Helton 79% Wagner 76%
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    Teaching A Kid To Throw And Catch From Scratch - help?

    Sometimes it's helpful, especially if she knows another kid on the team, for a kid to see other kids throwing and playing catch with each other and joining in. She'll pick it up pretty quickly. I coached instructional softball and most of the kids (5-7) weren't good throwers at first but like...
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    Have you ever seen an MLB no-hitter in person? (If not, how close have you come?)

    I was at Frankie V's one-hitter at the SkyDome in 1992. I had saved the ticket stub for years after, but who knows where it is now. That was during the Jay's run in the early 90's; the stadium was packed and in the 9th the crowd was absolutely electric.
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    NESN - Is That All There Is?

    Would there be rights issues showing the games? Infomercials might pay better if they have to pony up to MLB for express written consent. Would they have to pay broadcasters for the rights to use their voices?
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    NESN's new Red Sox Prospects show

    I only caught the tail end. Would Dombrowski have signed him for the Tigers? Yount's stint was during Dombrowski's first year with them.
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    Getting photos from iPhone to PC (which are not importing automatically)

    Do your photos save to the cloud? You should be able to save from the cloud to your PC.
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    Sonos vs Bluetooth speakers: help!

    Sorry in advance for a slight highjack... We are building a patio. Any recommendations for an outdoor speaker with blue tooth that we can mount on the house?
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    WiFi Issue

    For some reason I can't access my wireless with any devices. I have a netgear R7000. I've been through some of the troubleshooting steps (updating firmwhere, resetting etc) and have gotten nowhere. Any other suggestions? I did switch to a new computer a few days ago but the wireless worked...
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    Spyware 201

    I've been getting this message from avast: avast web shield has blocked access to this page becuase the following certificate is invalid: I did some googling and it looks like some kind of spyware but I can't figure out how to make it stop. Anyone see this before...
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    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    Kapstein was let go.  Nick seemed a little melancholy about it.  On the plus side, Kapstein's resume/obituary is practically written.
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    Screw it ! There's one way to retain our OS dominance...Win 10 is free to anyone running 7 or 8.1, b

    I'm running windows XP and just made a mistake that I don't know if I can fix.  The computer runs mostly fine, except I can't install the most recent version of itunes. This was not a problem until I upgraded to ios 9, and now my iphone 6 won't sync to itunes. Googling tells me its too late to...
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    Secure Link to iTunes Store Failed

    I was unable to download the latest update to IOS 8.4 through itunes (I did it directly in my phone). I noticed another problem at the same time.  I was unable to download podcasts through the itunes store.  I tried to update to the latest version (12.2.1) but I was unable to.  It looks like it...
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    Is it worth getting an iPhone 6 now?

    Are you sure you have to pay for the battery replacement? I took mine to the Apple store and had mine replaced for free. I think the guy said there was an issue with batteries in the iPhone 5.
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    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    You forgot that the Josh Hamilton contract was still worth it despite his relapse and subpar performance.  The Sox definitely should have signed him.
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    Mass Convert to MP4

    What's the best way to convert and transfer dvds to a kindle fire?
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    Google Chromecast

    How do I do that? I have an iphone 5
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    Google Chromecast

    I'm having some of the same issues that others are having.  I'm havig one other annoying problem.  I don't know if I set it up wrong, but when I set it up it asked me to create a new wireless name that's conected with my home wifi. I have the chromecast in my bedroom and sometimes the wireless...
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    Sports On Earth

    The Sheffield article seemed way too one-sided. How could the writer not even ask about Sheffield's steroid use? Gary Sheffield December 2003 Admitted Using: Steroids (The Clear, The Cream, Andriol) The Story...
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    College Hockey Thread

    It was a wild game. NU looked awful in the first period. The second and third periods were unbelievable. The penalties slowed the game to a crawl. I didn't know why Cronin wasn't behind the bench until today. Except for maybe NU's first goal there didn't seem to be any cheap/soft goals. NU...