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  1. ArttyG12

    April 9, home opener

    "If he was here, I wouldn't be here. If he did the job, I wouldn't be here."
  2. ArttyG12

    Baseball America Top 100 ‘23: 5 Red Sox

    He only pitched two full seasons and that was 4 years ago, right? This reads to me like Law got it right when no one else did.
  3. ArttyG12

    Baseball America Top 100 ‘23: 5 Red Sox

    Yoshida would have qualified for the fangraphs list right?
  4. ArttyG12

    Jarren Duran: Today We Like Him

    Seems to me that Jackie was DFA'ed because one of two things was about to happen: 1) (the optimistic version) some combination of Kiké and Duran are the starting/backup CF, so you give JBJ a chance to catch on somewhere or 2) (the current dumpster fire) this team tanks and Jackie isn't good...
  5. ArttyG12

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    I think Duran/Kiké in CF/RF was plan B.
  6. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Might be better at catcher defense now, plus definitely better at 1B and RF. I'm not sure they're better, but the argument is easy enough to make.
  7. ArttyG12

    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    Who is this player? Who was available for a short term contract that was worth jettisoning Dalbec, or for short money that would be a good fallback for Dalbec but is better than Franchy?
  8. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    I wonder if they could somehow turn JD into Campusano now that the Padres have an open DH spot. Gotta figure they're all in.
  9. ArttyG12

    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    And who else was available for free that improves 1B and doesn't block our almost-ready 1B prospect long term?
  10. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Red Sox weren't on his list.
  11. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    View: Jeff Sanders @sdutSanders Hosmer is heading to Boston, per team source.
  12. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Also might help turn him around if he's just allowed to play 1st, his natural position, instead of forcing him to the outfield like the Mets have had him do because of Alonso. Might as well give him every 1B at bat until Casas is ready. He's a lottery ticket they throw in with Vientos or whoever...
  13. ArttyG12

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Law just had a note on him in his latest scouting article, too. Ends with this: "His biggest problem is his fastball, which was 88-93 and clearly does not have great spin or other secondary characteristics. Hitters see the pitch too well, and he can’t use it to set up either of the off-speed...
  14. ArttyG12

    Red Sox in season discussion

    He’s also got a babip like 40 points over his career average. This seems very much like just a lucky month.
  15. ArttyG12

    How to get back in this thing

    I wonder what it would take to get Jo Adell from the Angels. Obviously the numbers aren't there now, but he might be a real change-of-scenery guy you could get at something of a discount.
  16. ArttyG12

    fWAR Getting an Update to the Defensive Component

    I think this somewhat overstates it. It's half a win per season. It still has JBJ as below replacement level last year.
  17. ArttyG12

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I was able to do this last year, although all in MA. Haven’t tried this year yet. Also you can airplay to the roku if you have an iPhone/iPad.
  18. ArttyG12

    Trevor Story has signed with the Boston Red Sox

    Xander, too, per the article.
  19. ArttyG12

    Red Sox in season discussion

    I’m pretty surprised at how ready people are to write off Duran. He had all of 112 PAs in the majors. That’s barely enough time to start a laser show. Kinda think he gets first crack at the everyday RF spot.
  20. ArttyG12

    MLB and MLBPA have a deal

    Don't love this, from the ESPN article: Additionally, player uniforms will feature advertising for the first time, with patches on jerseys and decals on batting helmets.