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  1. Daniel_Son

    July 7, 2024 - Red Sox @ Yankees

    Fuck the Yankees!
  2. Daniel_Son

    July 7, 2024 - Red Sox @ Yankees

  3. Daniel_Son

    Red Sox, Ceddanne Rafaela agree to contract extension

    Gil has been pretty rough since mid June. There's still a lot of baseball left to be played. That being said, the fact that both Abreu, Hamilton, and Raffy are all in the top 6-7ish ROY candidates is pretty incredible.
  4. Daniel_Son

    Top 20 Most Important people in Red Sox Organization

    I had to look up some of these names and was absolutely shocked to see that Ollie Rothmann is the same Ollie I went to school with. I had no idea he worked for the Sox, really nice guy. But interesting takes for sure, the business development people are certainly key in creating the John Henry's...
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    Brayan Bello signed to a 6 year, $55 million extension

    Some of us were ready to ship Houck and Duran a couple years ago, too. I don't really think there's anything to do but let him work through it. It's not like they have someone forcing the issue in the minors to replace him with. He's shown he can be a really good pitcher. It sucks to watch...
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    Who to buy at the trade deadline?

    Not sure if the Reds are going for it this year, but if they decide to sell at the deadline, how about Nick Martinez? Pretty middling 4.25 ERA this year, but looking under the hood, he's got a 2.92 xERA, doesn't walk many guys or give up hard contact, (97th percentile BB%, 95th percentile...
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    Extreme Makeover: The Jarren Duran Edition

    God damn. I was ready to pay for this guy's ticket out of town after that Tapia error two years ago. Clearly, I am not a smart man. Forget about the All Star Game - he's going to be a legitimate MVP contender if he keeps this up.
  8. Daniel_Son

    The Yoshida Conundrum

    Sorry - should have clarified. Is the issue that he's striking out too much compared to what he was doing in the NPB? Because those numbers have increased, too - he's striking out at a 13.7% rate over here compared to 9.4% in Japan (still great, as you've noted, but it has shifted in the wrong...
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    The Yoshida Conundrum

    Is there a site that compiles advanced hitting statistics for NPB? I'm wondering if this is just a case of a non-MLB player who can't adjust to MLB-level pitching, or if there's something else in his approach that's changed. Is it just as simple as he's striking out too much?
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    Take the Show on the Road

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    June;: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    Man, if Rafaela, Hamilton, and Valdez can sustain even semi-respectable numbers, that lineup looks pretty good all of a sudden.
  12. Daniel_Son

    Young, scrappy and hungry: when does Hamilton get his shot?

    Not sure how serious the Turner injury is, but if the Phillies are looking for help maybe we could make a play for someone like Griff McGarry or Wen Hui Pan? Both seem like guys with great raw stuff but control issues that could benefit from Breslow, Bailey, & Co.
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    June;: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    He's also trending in the right direction, albeit slowly. Breaking his season into 15-game increments, here's what his OPS looks like: Mar 28-April 13: .547 OPS Apr 14-30: .570 OPS May 1-18: .630 May 16-June 2: .682 Now, he is down again over the last 8 games (.539), but overall he is making...
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    Sox to trade for Garrett Cooper, Pablo Reyes DFA’d

    And thus with the reactivation of Yoshida, the Garrett Cooper era has ended. In 75 PAs, he logged just 12 hits - good for a .171 BA., a .455 OPS, and a 29 OPS+. He wasn't much better on the other side of the ball, either, posting a -0.4 dWAR in his brief stint at 1B. All around - yikes.
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    June;: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    I think the Who To Buy/Who To Sell threads are working the same way.
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    May: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    I think this kind of boils down to how you define "underperform," right? Like there a difference between the team having significant injuries to their projected starters vs the regular starters not performing as well as expected. I think we fall a little more into the former category than the...
  17. Daniel_Son

    Who will be the Red Sox next middle of the order, right handed power hitter?

    Maybe a trade for Brent Rooker? Not historically exciting but he's 3rd in ISO this year and posted a 136 OPS+ over the past 2 years so it might be somewhat sustainable.
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    Who to buy at the trade deadline?

    If Grissom needs some more time in the minors, how about Abraham Toro from Oakland? He's having a nice year with the bat and probably wouldn't cost a ton.
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    Tanner Houck 2024

    There's our ace.
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    05/17 - F$!# it

    Pitching couldn't get it done tonight. At least we actually got some hits.