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  1. cornwalls@6

    Sound of Summer, Baseball Announcers

    Ned Martin and Jim Woods for me as a kid in the 70’s. Just thinking about them invokes memories of summer nights on the patio with my dad after dinner, or listening on the beach at the cape. And my really falling in love with the Red Sox. As I became almost exclusively a tv consumer in recent...
  2. cornwalls@6

    Misc. Pats Offseason News

    I had a complete rupture of the quad tendon( basically the upper patella). They just stretched what was left of it, drilled a small metal post into my kneecap, and re-attached it to that. I have about 85-90% of the range of motion I had before the injury. That was in 2014 and still holding up...
  3. cornwalls@6

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    What a great night. I don’t live and die with the Cs like I once did, but this playoff run was a blast to watch. And I think there’s more coming from this group. Congrats to all the hard core green teamers here!
  4. cornwalls@6

    How worried are you about Celtics closing this out?

    Remain calm, all is well. If not Monday, game 6.
  5. cornwalls@6

    What is next for BB?

    Because they wish they were in one?
  6. cornwalls@6

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    I wasn’t sure either, but it was high art in any case. And I use asshole in only the fondest sense of the word.
  7. cornwalls@6

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Wow. What an asshole………. God, I’m going to miss him.
  8. cornwalls@6

    Roasted GOAT

    Laundry is a powerful drug .
  9. cornwalls@6

    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    Yup, that’s certainly very plausible as well.
  10. cornwalls@6

    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    I wonder if it’s more reactionary. Just indignant belligerence that anybody, even if making an honest mistake, could have the temerity to not follow his orders. The whole thing is so stupid, and could’ve easily been handled and settled without any arrest.
  11. cornwalls@6

    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    -3 under through 11, now 2 off the lead. Something tells me torn pants-gate ain’t gonna be a factor in his weekend.
  12. cornwalls@6

    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    Yeah, just what I was wondering. I would think getting the plate number and/or following him into to the club would be a safer option, but wasn’t sure what the protocol was for that. If he overreacted, did something reckless, and got a minor injury, then the assault charges seem like BS. The...
  13. cornwalls@6

    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    An honest question: would grabbing a door handle or jumping on a moving vehicle be SOP for a cop in that or any similar situation?
  14. cornwalls@6

    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    Jesus, a mug shot and orange jumpsuit? Dumb move by Scheffler, but this reaction seems way over the top. Wonder if there were things said we don’t know about.
  15. cornwalls@6

    NFL Schedule Release 2024

    Those making the argument that some NFL games have been behind the paywall since the first ESPN games in 1987(also TNTs run of games in the 90’s) , so why are people complaining now, are missing the point. For the vast majority of that time, it was one paywall. Basic or expanded basic cable...
  16. cornwalls@6

    Game 5 - Do not go gentle into that good night.

    You can’t. He is the guy now. Linus has to be break glass in case of emergency only.
  17. cornwalls@6

    Roasted GOAT

    C’mon with this. It’s a legitimate criticism, and obviously Brady’s having regrets about taking part in the roast.
  18. cornwalls@6

    Roasted GOAT

    God, what a dipshit he comes off as in that piece.
  19. cornwalls@6

    Roasted GOAT

    First of all, she’s denied that. Secondly, yes public people get ridiculed for their peccadillos. The issue is him sitting there yucking it up while the mother of his children is subject to jokes about rough sex and having her ass eaten out. Which his kids will absolutely see and hear about. I...
  20. cornwalls@6

    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    It's absolutely pathetic and cowardly. They have a self-defeating culture problem, and it starts with Sweeney, and, somehow, given the player he was, Cam. I was skeptical in the Toronto series that Monty ripping the officials would make much tangible difference. And I'm not sure it would have...