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  1. Rustjive

    The Ringer

    2 things - first off, she isn't a film critic. Even Sean makes that distinction explicitly sometimes. Now whether being a film critic is any different than being a film enthusiast hosting a film podcast is a distinction without meaning, maybe we can quibble with that. But I would posit that...
  2. Rustjive

    The Ringer

    It's my fault for quoting you directly as a jumping off point - but my criticism isn't aimed at you specifically, necessarily, but at the complainants as a whole. Simply put, a large amount of criticism aimed towards Amanda is 'how can she hate (my) genre?, but those same people aren't...
  3. Rustjive

    The Ringer

    I mean, it sort of is, a lot of listeners will just reject Amanda's taste in movies because it skews towards things women might like. People will often rag on Amanda liking Nancy Myers (see above) and complain about her 'I'm happy that you have superhero movies' vibe, but give Sean a pass on the...
  4. Rustjive

    The Ringer

    That's why we have JMO!
  5. Rustjive

    Joe Mazzulla, come on down.

    The market seems to be in agreement with you. It's doubtful that the pre-season or just the opener changed the odds that much, and so based on just narrative at least one sportsbook has Mazzulla as the 3rd favorite at +1200 - only behind Jenkins at +1000 and Finch at +1000.
  6. Rustjive

    The Nepo Shuffle -- The 2021 World Chess Championship

    At the same time, if Magnus' prep was leaked and Hans looked at it (the most likely scenario, IMO), he has reason to not really let Hans off the hook. Cheating over the board with an engine is real cheating but if you prep for 30 moves (with an engine, ofc) because you know with certainty that...
  7. Rustjive

    Arsenal 22-23: Time to Deliver the Goods

    Looks like that could be the case -
  8. Rustjive

    Brogdon to Boston for Theis/Nesmith/2023 1st

    And that's why Smart/White/Brogdon can all co-exist. Injuries are likely to make enough minutes available, and also we can keep everyone fresh for the playoffs.
  9. Rustjive

    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    Fanspo is wrong here. They have the 2028 as a pick but it's a swap. The Celtics can offer 2023/2025/2027 and both 2024/2026 swaps. Grant and PP probably are part of the best possible deal but the Celtics would probably use Theis instead. Don't see how many other teams beat Jaylen in the offer...
  10. Rustjive

    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    We jest, and not to get too V&N into it, but I think Isaac speaking at Michael Flynn's tour might actually be a tough fit with someone like Jaylen, who spent a lot of time leading BLM protests in the Summer of 2020. It seems like a lot of Isaac's current teammates don't love him anyways (stories...
  11. Rustjive

    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    Before this season, one of the far-fetched but possible scenarios wrt a Jaylen trade I proposed was Jaylen for KAT and then Horford's salary (along with JRich, but Horford's salary is different now) out in a S&T for either of the All-Star SGs hitting FA this off-season - LaVine or Beal. That...
  12. Rustjive

    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top

    Butler no showed the entire playoffs last year ('stupidly locked in') against the Bucks though.
  13. Rustjive

    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top

    I think he's solidly in the 6-9 range. Almost every non top 5 player has no shows, and he sneaks into the top 5 maybe only if the injured players don't come back close to where they were. Giannis, Jokic, Embiid are locks. Healthy Kawhi is a lock. Then it's murky - is KD still better? Luka? I...
  14. Rustjive

    Timelord Injury Watch

  15. Rustjive

    2021-22 NBA In-Season News/Transactions

    Comment from a few days ago on Reddit summed them up for me. They really miss Hayward, IMO (even though he was in for 2 losses before his injury in TOR):
  16. Rustjive

    2021-22 NBA In-Season News/Transactions

    I think at this early stage, whether or not Bronny makes it will still be up to him and his growth, whether that be in terms of skills or physical attributes. I browsed these lists and there are a few players in every class around or below #43 that stuck around to be, at the very least, useful...
  17. Rustjive

    Celtics trade Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford and a 1st round pick to Spurs for Derrick White

    I really only hate the pick swap because of deal-making restrictions due to the Stepien rule. Otherwise, it's as you said - it's FAR far away.
  18. Rustjive

    Formula 1 - 2021 - Chasing down Lewis?

    I agree with this, but I was thinking earlier today about the parallels to someone like Goodell, who is almost universally hated by fans, who has presided over some mind-boggling rule changes/points of emphasis/rulings in general (I understand that he isn't necessarily responsible for all those...
  19. Rustjive

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Whenever I think about Mallory's personality I think about this classic video from the Ringer: View: You could never convince me in a million years that she's playing a character for that video and isn't exactly like that.
  20. Rustjive

    4G Android phone megathread

    I hate the fingerprint scanner. I've re-registered my right thumb multiple times, I have it registered 3x, have tried following the directions exactly, registered just the tips and just the edges for their own fingerprints, turned off animations, tried soft and hard pressure and I don't think my...