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  1. Ramon AC

    The Pantheon of Boston announcers: Who you got?

    I still hear Celtics games in Johnny Most’s voice. Sometimes I wonder how I’ll feel when Joe Castiglione retires. Hearing his voice in the summertime connects me to childhood. My god the Jeff Stone game. And lol the Matt Young no hitter.
  2. Ramon AC

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    Babe Ruth Walter Johnson Willie Mays Ty Cobb
  3. Ramon AC

    2004 WS Celebration

    No Nomar, no Dave Roberts for obvious reasons, no Ellis Burks, sadly. No Alan Embree, who closed the ALCS. And no Abe Alvarez. And while we remember Wake let’s also memorialize the late Lt. Frank Castillo (1969-2013), who threw 21 pitches for the 2004 team. I don’t think anyone else from that...
  4. Ramon AC

    Do You Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

    No. To this observer nothing has changed regarding the organization’s will, intent, and desire to win. They have made and continue to make some very, very bad decisions. Since 2019 they have tried to forecast successful market strategies and failed, repeatedly. Boo for that. Two thumbs down...
  5. Ramon AC

    Choosing your Favorite Child

    2004 remains the greatest team sports story of all time and I don’t know if it will ever be topped. It was excruciating in a whole-of-organism way that I will never experience again. The emotional aftermath of 1986 and 2003 lasted MONTHS. So did 2004, but I don’t think words like redemption or...
  6. Ramon AC

    Should Joe West be in Cooperstown?

    Game 6 of the ALCS changed expectations around umpire conferences and the expectation that crews would get the call right rather than protect an ump who made a bad call. Crew Chief Joe West was aware of the moment and the stakes when those two calls got overturned, and the game is better for it...
  7. Ramon AC

    Jrue the Damaja

    I’m not one to inflate my own balloon, but a little credit would be nice. From the trade thread on October 2:
  8. Ramon AC

    Let's enjoy memories of the Red Sox of the past 20 years! What were your favorites (team/player/moment/etc)?

    The 2015 Red Sox were not a great team and finished last for the second year in a row. But they finished strong, 10 games over .500 in Aug/Sep (before losing four in a row in October to end the season). There was a lot of excitement around Mookie, Jackie, ERod, and Swihart. Lots of hype for...
  9. Ramon AC

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Tim Wakefield was originally a first baseman. He hit .189/.281/.290 as a minor leaguer and managed to hit only one home run in the majors. Thank goodness he failed so successfully. My dad took me to my first big league ballgame at the Stade Fasciste in 1985. Phil Neikro beat the Red Sox but...
  10. Ramon AC

    8/15 @ Natinals

    The fact that Jordan Weems became a pitcher rings a very vague bell but I had no idea he was still active and had made the show.
  11. Ramon AC

    Just how good was Nomar Garciaparra?

    Nomar brought me back to baseball in the winter of 1997-98. I heard that the Red Sox had this shortstop who won a unanimous rookie of the year, and I started paying attention again in 1998 after taking a number of years off during the Boggs/Clemens decline years and the strike fiasco. I12XU and...
  12. Ramon AC

    Start with the Green Papaya Salad

    Bill Lee pitched 1 scoreless inning and went 1-2 with a walk and a HBP for the 2023 Burlington Cardinals. Who plunks a 76 year old man? FWIW Mayor Weinberger hit .313.
  13. Ramon AC

    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    Pomeranz wasn’t a rental, he came with years of control, and was pretty awesome in 2017…won 17 games with a 137 ERA+. My point is that we may worry too much about the risk of disastrous ”rental” deals, there are very few examples of that in the Henry era, if any.
  14. Ramon AC

    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    Rentals are okay too. Does anyone remember who Kyle Schwarber was acquired for in 2021? Cliff Floyd didn’t result in a playoff spot in 2002 but nothing was lost in Song and Kim. Tony Graffanino was worth 1.3 bWAR in 200 PA in 2005. Eric Bedard was worth a shot in 2011 given the year he was...
  15. Ramon AC

    7/23/2023 - MiLB Wikelman Sunday?

    I can’t disagree with Sandy. But if you never again make another post you’ve contributed more to this site than the vast majority of us. The first posters inducted into the SOSH MiLB HOF should be Philly, Cuzittt, browndog, jonasi, and JM3. Apologies to anyone I’ve overlooked in my zeal.
  16. Ramon AC

    July 23 Mets @Fenway

    What’s the TOOTBLAN count in this game so far?
  17. Ramon AC

    AFL: the other football. No, the OTHER Football. No…

    I just found this thread. I have a WC Eagles ball somewhere in a closet that I got at the game my uncle took me to in 1989. Many thanks to all you folks keeping track of this sport, I’ll be following.