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  1. bluefenderstrat

    The Yoshida Conundrum

    I don’t see how he can be here long term. Likable player and I hope he has a solid MLB career, but the Red Sox will probably be paying half of his salary for him to play elsewhere after 2024. In the meantime I hope he rakes for the next 3 months.
  2. bluefenderstrat

    Red Sox, Ceddanne Rafaela agree to contract extension

    Cora’s been smart about leaving him in the 9 spot, too—he’s about as valuable as a guy with a .280 OBP can be right now. If he can ever get his OBP up to .325 through whatever combo of BA and an extra walk or two every 50 PAs, he could make an all-star team someday. Maybe this is who he...
  3. bluefenderstrat

    Kristian Campbell, 2B/CF

    Now 110 PAs with Portland and slashing .413/.509/.652 for a 1.161 OPS. And he’s got 14 walks to only 21 Ks—it’s been a remarkable performance.
  4. bluefenderstrat

    Kristian Campbell, 2B/CF

    I was just coming here to ask if Campbell is Mookie redux. He’s definitely leapfrogged the prospect list in a similar manner.
  5. bluefenderstrat

    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    I want them to finish it tonight because 80 and 20 is easy to calculate, with 11 straight playoff wins and a perfect 8-0 on the road in the playoffs to cement their ranking as a historically great team. For whatever reason the national media doesn’t want to believe it, but with time their...
  6. bluefenderstrat

    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    This forum is not going to be happy with Sweeney. Just rolling over.
  7. bluefenderstrat

    Beat the Giants today Maye 2

    Getaway day, swing those bats.
  8. bluefenderstrat

    Beat the Giants today Maye 2

    Saying that in the game threads is ironic.
  9. bluefenderstrat

    4/14 Galileo's Well-Handled Balls. . .

    Travis Shaw’s career ended for less but we’re stuck with Bobby D. Edit: Not his fault and I feel for him but he doesn’t belong anywhere near an MLB roster at this point.
  10. bluefenderstrat

    March/April: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    And it’s going to be really nice next week when they come back…too bad Fenway opening day doesn’t coincide with the eclipse, though. That would have been a lot of fun.
  11. bluefenderstrat

    4.3 - A’s Kickin’

  12. bluefenderstrat

    3/28/24 - Opening Day 2024 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Say Rafaela is JBJ (but who can also play SS on occasion) in one of his ~90 OPS+ years--are we happy with that for this year? What if that's his ceiling?
  13. bluefenderstrat

    3/28/24 - Opening Day 2024 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Any chance the game threads won't immediately dissolve into a toxic brew of irrational anger this season? Hope springs anew!
  14. bluefenderstrat

    Red Sox to be 1st MLB featured on Netflix series

    Nobody at FSG thinks this is going to cover up for a bad team, come on. It’s just a Werner deal—Netflix was probably fishing around and he bit.
  15. bluefenderstrat

    Theo’s back????!!!!

    My guess (based on nothing) is this was part of the deal from the start and Breslow is thrilled. Edit: that doesn’t change the short term outlook for this team, but I‘m more optimistic about the longer term than I have been in a while.
  16. bluefenderstrat

    Kayshon Boutte arrested for illegal sports gambling "He is alleged to have placed more than 8,900 wagers using his alias from April 6, 2022 thorugh May 7, 2023. Per the release, he was alleged to have...
  17. bluefenderstrat

    Offseason rumors

    I never want to see Bobby D at bat for the Red Sox again, is that too much to ask?
  18. bluefenderstrat

    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    It appears that Chaim's inability to get deals done was the issue, not the approach. I'd prefer the Sox act like the Atlanta Braves and start developing and locking up their own guys vs. having to overpay in the free agent market. In the meantime they should act a little more appreciative of...
  19. bluefenderstrat

    Mayo is the New Coach

    I like it—get a forward thinking OC and GM in place and let’s go. Cap space and high picks with Gonzalez basically a 2nd # 1 returning, things could turn around quickly (at least as far as being a playoff contender).