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  1. Eric1984

    2024 NBA Draft

    Sheppard's mom is Brenda Warner? Crazy shit.
  2. Eric1984

    Just What is Apex Mountain: Rewatchables discussion thread

    I saw Breaking Away in the theater as a kid. Loved it. I'm pretty sure I re-watched it at some point, but not in the last 20 or 25 years. I can't decide if I should listen to the pod first and then re-watch or re-watch first and then listen to the pod. Probably the latter.
  3. Eric1984

    June 22: Morton vs. Stroman

    Aaron Bummer definitely lived up to his last name last inning
  4. Eric1984

    How Many of the Red Sox Managers of Your Lifetime do you have a Visceral Hatred for?

    I acknowledge it’s totally irrational but there was something about the vibe he gave off that just made me dislike him from day 1. Both here and then later on ESPN. I just couldn’t stand him. I wish Grady had never managed the team and I’ll never get over him leaving Pedro in and he was a moron...
  5. Eric1984

    How Many of the Red Sox Managers of Your Lifetime do you have a Visceral Hatred for?

    I'll never forgive Grady for leaving Pedro in but I don't hate the guy. I don't hate people just for incompetence and he (like Jimy) was more of a boob than a force for evil. I don't hate a manager unless there's incompetence plus arrogance, obnoxiousness or malevolence. Sox managers from my...
  6. Eric1984

    Banner 18 Duck Boat Parade Game Thread

    Great day. Took my daughter in to meet up with my brother in law and my niece. Originally planned to go from Riverside but the lot was totally full by 9:15. So I did what I did in 2008 and parked on a residential street in Waban and we went in from there (I was originally hesitant -- I figured...
  7. Eric1984

    Banner 18 Duck Boat Parade Game Thread

    I didn't take a picture, but I saw a Tyus Edney jersey.
  8. Eric1984

    Who is the greatest living balllplayer?

    I’d vote Griffey (implicitly discounting Bonds’s numbers). If we include pitchers, the Pedro and/or Koufax. We had this debate in our group text yesterday and the others that came closest were A-Rod (but we had to discount his numbers), Rickey, Pujols and Maddux. People also brought up Schmidt...
  9. Eric1984

    Willie Mays has passed away

    I would say Griffey is the greatest living position player now that Mays has passed on and Koufax and Pedro are the greatest living pitchers (I can't decide between the two). I always thought Griffey was a superior player to Bonds, though it's close.
  10. Eric1984

    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    As a Hammers supporter, I enjoyed seeing Bowen come on for about 15-20 minutes and giving a beautiful cross to Kane within like a minute and then playing better defense than any of the starting defenders. I really think if he was starting, they could make better use of Kane too.
  11. Eric1984

    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    Kid I grew up with in East Lansing got sent to Cranbrook for HS. He was kind of a dick -- nobody missed him. I laughed pretty hard at that line when I watched Eight Mile on what seemed like a 55-inch screen in an empty Cleveland Circle Cinema all those years ago.
  12. Eric1984

    RIP Jerry West

    I don't remember West as a player -- he retired when I was 4. But I first started paying attention to basketball a couple years later as a first grader (the 1976-77 season where Walton, Lucas and the Blazers took it all, beginning my lifelong obsession with the Mountain Man) and I remember him...
  13. Eric1984

    RIP Bill Walton

    Boy this hurts bad. Even though I'm barely old enough to vaguely remember his championship with the Blazers, Bill Walton -- along with Pierce, Dumars, Earvin and Kareem -- were my favorite basketball players of all time. I had no idea he was sick. He was a true American treasure and this is...
  14. Eric1984

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    I was going to have Mays on mine but I felt I needed a pitcher, so I picked Koufax because of how good he was (I don't think anyone else was ever quite as good as he was at his peak and he did it for five years -- Pedro and Randy Johnson to me come close, as does Gibson) and because he, like...
  15. Eric1984

    Which Current MLBers Will Be In the Hall of Fame?

    Yet Lou Whitaker is 75 WAR (67 oWAR, 9 dWAR) and he didn't last two years on the ballot and still hasn't gotten the Vet committee call (they went with Ted Simmons instead last time he was up)
  16. Eric1984

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    I meant Jackie obviously but yes, Frank was a real trailblazer as well (and a true titan as a ballplayer)
  17. Eric1984

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    Aaron Robinson Clemente Koufax
  18. Eric1984

    The Juice Expires (OJ Dead at 76)

    His video tweets still showed him to have a razor sharp understanding of the game.