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  1. sgfeer

    2024 College Basketball Coaching Carousel

    Normally yes, but nothing is illegal anymore
  2. sgfeer

    NCAA Tournament First Four and Thursday Game Thread

    Virginia BB = Iowa FB
  3. sgfeer

    Autry's Army - 2023-24 SU Hoops

    Edwards hasn't played for a month with a broken wrist, hope he is back tonight or Saturday for at least some minutes
  4. sgfeer

    Knicks/Raptors trade. OG for RJ/Quickley

    Gives Toronto a Canadian to keep the fans happy. at quick glance a pretty even trade for each teams needs
  5. sgfeer

    CFB 2023 Week 5: A thread focused on football games but also basketball recruiting

    Isn't BB recruiting these days just a pay window in the portal?
  6. sgfeer

    CFB 2023 Week 0: What's "run the triple" in Gaelic?

    Find it ironic USC is on the P12 network, 6th in the country, not on the networks Plus these natural rivalries 7:30pm Hawaii at Vanderbilt (-17.5), SECN 7:00pm UMass at New Mexico State (-7.5), ESPN 7:00pm Ohio at San Diego State (-2.5), FS1 Thanks TV and greedy dumbass folks running college...
  7. sgfeer

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    Actually it came out yesterday that if AZ and the other 2 didn't jump ship, UConn would have been the next choice for the BIG12 or whatever. The commish is really pushing them, the schools are skittish
  8. sgfeer

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    Atlantic coast conference to all coast conference. If those calls are true, it has to mean they know FSU and another (at least 1) are making an announcement. Things can get real exciting
  9. sgfeer

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    :) That's very good, have NESN give them a call
  10. sgfeer

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    I wonder if there will be a lot of Olympic programs disbanded at schools. Perhaps more regional leagues for them.
  11. sgfeer

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    This would be the cosmic one, the big 12 survived the Texas/OK move by being aggressive, looks like Pac whatever will collapse because they went passive after their hit. If Clemson/FSU leave, what tack will the ACC take, won't be much left if they want to be aggressive, UConn and who else? USF...
  12. sgfeer

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    I hope so, Memphis and some of the other schools was not impressive
  13. sgfeer

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    Big12 commish Yormark is pushing UConn, the Presidents/schools are split, maybe less than 50/50. Arizona appears to be the next target, which would add to the B12 as a brutal BB league. Rumor is they want 3 more, so 2 after Zona. UConn would certainly toughen up the BB part even more. The...
  14. sgfeer

    2023 Mocks

    Ford Wheaton ran 4.38 combine. Has trouble separating. Will make tough contested catches then drop easy one. Worth a look late, could help on special teams as well as he played on some cover Units. Frustrating player
  15. sgfeer

    Nationals trade Juan Soto/Josh Bell to San Diego

    That was my reasoning, the Mets need another bat, the Dodgers got Gallo? I was hoping Diekman would go with JD to the Mets if it happened to sweeten the return.
  16. sgfeer

    Nationals trade Juan Soto/Josh Bell to San Diego

    Does this make the Dodgers and Mets more edgy to improve? JD and Nate might be looking better and helped raise the asking price
  17. sgfeer

    2021 NCAA Football

    Fingers crossed, though we finally have a highly regarded H.S. QB enrolled for Spring. We've been living on transfers and scraps the last 10 or so years. Bring Dart and the TE from Fla who entered the portal from SC and we should be okay
  18. sgfeer

    2021 NCAA Football

    Hope Dart follows Harrell to Morgantown, rumor he may be visiting and at the BB game. Of course, that's a rumor