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    Sox at Mia July 4

    Not sure what was more amazing, Durans throw or Reese. Nearly blocks the plate while also nearly allowing the player to get a hand in.
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    6/5/2024 - Afternoon Delight vs Braves

    What an asshole with his "THATS WHY I REFERRED TO IT AS LUKEWARM" response to Middlebrooks (?)
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    Deadspin is Burning

    All the people gloating about this seem to forget as SJH said that it's been a shell of it's former self for years To them Magary and Laura Wagner were still working there and just got fired
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    3/5 @ Cleveland

    i cant believe all these pro sports league they just fuck up the call completely and everybody is just all "oh well move on to the next game"
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    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    I turned it off right when Nantz said something about a pot of gold. Pretty good second half and finish but I'm not watching any of the celebration
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    The trouble with Kobe. An Appology

    My 7-year-old niece said something to me about Kobe, and I said some disparaging things about him, and the reaction on her face was the same as if I put Peppa Pig in the sharpshooter. I realized then I couldn't explain the **** angle, so I was just like, "Uhhhh because he's an idiot..... ahh...
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    SI: Cover Songs

    Not the regular sports illustrated but still one of the greatest ones they did
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    Week 18: Last Ride Against the Gang(G)rene

    Chris Myers has the personality of cardboard thats been left out in this weather
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    Name of the show should be "Hardy Toucher"
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    Maye I Start Another? Pats! Steelers! Thursday!

    Cowardly ass punt if Bill is actually trying to win
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    Fitts, Weissert, and Judice. What do the Sox Have Here?

    Dick Fitts is my new favorite player
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    Meet the New Zap, Same as the Old Mac: Pats v. Chargers: Dawn of Grier —December Third!

    Your senses are correct. Tyquan 40 yard run highlight of game.