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    Extreme Makeover: The Jarren Duran Edition

    Fans vote for the starters, the reserves and pitchers are chosen by a combination of player votes and the Commissioner's Office. I think the hope/assumption is that the players and/or MLB would put them in. Also, there is still a rule that each team must be represented, and the Commissioner's...
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    Future Roster Construction

    He's welcome to follow the Carl Crawford career trajectory as long as that means "Putting up 35 WAR for the team who drafted you and then immediately turning into garbage when signed by a divisional rival"! Great summary of where things are at. My biggest concern right now is Casas — the...
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    6/10/2024 - The Monterodactyl

    Miguel Bleis getting promoted from Salem (A) to Greenville (A+): View:
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    Chris Sale (plus $17mil) traded to Atlanta for Vaughn Grissom

    Giolito's signing took a little while to get officially announced, but it was reported by Passan as a done dea on Dec 29, while the Sale trade was reported the next day (Dec 30). So the timing is very consistent with the Sox trading Sale once they had Giolito in house. View...
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    Red Sox acquire Zack Short

    So he really is a Reyes replacement!
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    Lineup Predictions

    View: Grissom is sick
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    Whitey Herzog dead at 92

    Looking at his Wikipedia page, I had forgotten or never knew that Duquette tried to hire him as Red Sox manager after 1996; according to the page he rejected the Sox. He never managed again so I guess he preferred not managing to managing Boston! Red Sox got Jimy Williams instead. Sox also...
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    Sox have published a page of every player pronouncing their own name:

    This is fun! And useful. Like it that Masa gives his name in the Japanese style of family name first (Yoshida Masataka).
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    Brayan Bello signed to a 6 year, $55 million extension

    Basically Hunter Greene's contract. Greene got 6/53M plus a 21M team option. This is 6/55M plus a 21M team option.
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    Offseason rumors

    One could interpret it as an attempt to get Texas involved again before accepting a bid somewhere else. Or trying to get somewhere else to raise the bid because he's still pining for Texas.
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    Offseason rumors

    The Dallas/Ft Worth/Arlington Metroplex is the 4th largest metro in the US, way bigger than Boston. I wonder if here "small market" really means "relaxed atmosphere" or "low expectations".
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    The Newest Vaughn

    But I had planned for this to be the year where we didn't have any injuries :unsure:
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    Offseason rumors

    Did not expect to get on SoSH and see a Bujold reference!
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    Offseason rumors

    Cool, thanks! And that was a good team (93 wins) if not a great one, 4th best in the AL but shut out of the playoffs with the only wild card going to the 95-win Red Sox...
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    Offseason rumors

    Thanks! I was just coming back to report on that 2012 SFG team: 160 games started by Lincecum (33), Bumgarner (32), Cain (32), Zito (32), and Vogelsong (31). Pretty good, and they won the WS. But this 2012 Reds team you have introduced me to is even more amazing: 161 games started by 5 guys...
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    Offseason rumors

    I enjoyed this post and indeed it seems very reasonable that teams who don't have to replace starts by their best pitcher with starts by their eighth-best pitcher will tend to do well. Team seasons with four starters around 29+ starts are not that rare (2003 and 2005 Red Sox also did it, for...
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    Offseason rumors

    (Insert Dodgers still paying Ohtani joke here)
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    Offseason rumors

    This is correct! Mendoza and DiNardo were both excellent guesses as they were both on the 2004 team and had starts in other years, but they both had zero starts that year.
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    Offseason rumors

    I am never not amazed that the five main guys in 2004 started 157 games in the regular reason — 33, 33, 32, 30 and 29. Just unreal. Trivia question: which 2004 pitcher was sixth on the team in starts, with 3?
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    Offseason rumors

    Home run was the last run he allowed for 20 appearances! One of my favorite players.