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    Bruins Offseason Roster Thread

    Here are Hanifin's stats from - NHL Possession Metrics (5-on-5) Corsi (5v5) Fenwick (5v5) PDO (5v5) Zone Starts (5v5) Season Age Team Lg GP TOI CF CA CF% CF% rel FF FA FF% FF% rel oiGF oiSH% oiGA oiSV% PDO oZS% dZS% 2015-16 19 CAR NHL 79 1176.1 1059 1066 49.8...
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    Bruins Offseason Roster Thread

    It really seems like they are going to try and get "bigger" and "grittier" up front. I hope they continue to stay the course and look for players who bring more speed and skill. They need to find an appropriate D partner for Chuckie Hockey. And then, if they elect to bring Chara back, tell him...
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    The Ongoing Tales of World B. Flat

    But if Kyrie and KD approved of the hiring of Nash, aren't they the ones making the hiring decision? And doesn't that make Kyrie and KD the ultimate arbiters for all the hiring decisions within the organization?
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    Bruins in 18-19

    Depth signing.
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    Bruins in 18-19

    Is anyone concerned about the Bruins' overall lack of size at forward? And how that impacts team-wide offensive play when they go against teams with more size, such as Washington and Tampa? Outside of Bergeron, DeBrusk, Backes (who has size but is slow), Kuraly (who has size but seems slotted...
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    Round Two Discussion - Tampa

    The Bruins somehow, some way, need to increase their level of physicality in order to, at a minimum, match what Tampa has done to them in Games 2 and 3. And while Griz's ability to move the puck out of his d-zone quickly, either with a quick pass or by skating it out is badly needed, he seems to...
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    2017-18 injury thread - people are skating but who knows when they'll play

    If the Bruins had an opportunity to acquire LW Nick Ritchie from the Ducks to add him to the forward mix, would you make the move? Or are you happy with the forward group as currently constituted?
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    Spooner signs for 1 yr/$2.85M

    In the current iteration of the NHL and the way the game is played (centered around speed, skill, quick transitions from D-O, etc.) it's frustrating to watch Spooner play when he is in the lineup. His level of timidity is mind-numbing at times. Hopefully he can be traded and JFK will get a long...
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    Bruins Offseason

    The Bs are mentioned once again as a potential trade partner for the Avs regarding Duchene -
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    2017 NHL Draft

    A little background on Ryan Poehling. Apparently he attended summer school by choice last year so he could graduate early and play at St. Cloud State with his two older brothers. While that story was published...
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    Sweeney et al.

    I didn't think I was "writing any book." I'd prefer to see Vatrano, Czarnick, Heinen, and the rest get more ice time, not less, even if the team regressed while they were learning the NHL game. But I also understand the mix on the roster has to have plenty of "vets" because management would like...
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    Sweeney et al.

    I think there is universal agreement that the Zac Rinaldo acquisition was ridiculous, particularly when one considers the way the playing style of the league was trending when that trade was made - less physical, all about speed, quick transitions from defense to offense, etc. Sweeney (and Neely...
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    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    It's extremely rare when Fluto ever "breaks" any kind of news regarding the Bs. For having the BG's Bruins' beat/hockey columnist gig, he never has any "insider" information on the team.
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    March/April NHL Game Thread Interesting tilt last night between the Kings and Flames. Iginla is still tough as nails.
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    The Cassidy Changes

    Good points all Lexrageorge.
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    The Cassidy Changes

    Thanks for the perspective Lexra. It's appreciated. I've always been interested in the talent acquisition process with NHL teams when it comes to how they select players in the Amateur Draft. Here's a comparison I found to be a little interesting: In the 2010 Second Round in which Spooner was...
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    The Cassidy Changes

    Coaching was never the issue.
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    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    The Bruins have a host of issues they are working through that go beyond the change from Clode to Bruce Cassidy as coach. In no particular order: - While at the time I was a fan of the David Backes free-agent acquisition, he looks completely cooked to me this year. Now if he came into the year...