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  1. Margo McCready

    Rafael Devers: post extension performance

    Someone needs to design a t—shirt with a picture of Devers pimping a home run in Yankee Stadium with a caption that reads, “Just walk him”.
  2. Margo McCready

    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    I’m definitely not the smartest guy in the room, but from my vantage point, it seems the most likely answer to this specific question is that they’re saving the money to buy out the first few FA years of their (hopefully) productive home grown players, i.e. Bello, Rafaella and their reported...
  3. Margo McCready

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    I’d forgotten about the Braves one. I agree the throwback 70s styling looks good but like another poster commented, the design these are inspired by is better than the homage, IMO. As for Seattle’s, the jerseys are nice (great font) and the trident logo hat is great. The black pants ruin the...
  4. Margo McCready

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    Twins, Angels and Brewers have excellent City Connects. The rest can die in a fire.
  5. Margo McCready

    Rafael Devers: post extension performance

    Wasn’t age 27 David Ortiz’ breakout 2003 season? Yes, it’s absolutely unfair to throw that expectation on Raffy’s shoulders, but for a guy who’s been around as long as Devers, you forget there’s still a non-zero chance he taps into a next level.
  6. Margo McCready

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    Saw these new uniforms up close and in person for the first time yesterday with seats right by the Nat’s on deck circle. Their first base coach’s uniform was definitely not even the same shade of gray as the players’ and I really don’t think sweat had anything to do with it. Couldn’t help but...
  7. Margo McCready

    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    Boy, do I hope this is winner winner, chicken dinner because in a vacuum, a team that’s one game over .500 optioning a Josh Winckowski to AAA kinda makes my head explode.
  8. Margo McCready

    How do you solve a problem like Yoshida?

    Exactly. It’s too early to be writing anyone off quite yet. What were Yoshida’s numbers on April 28th last year? Hell, what were Casas’? What were Cedanne’s and Roman’s in the minors, too?
  9. Margo McCready

    The Homefield disadvantage

    The sequence of Hamilton’s non-double play opening the door for Santander’s Fenway homer would be a textbook example. Obviously the Red Sox offense benefits from this too, but if they’re making more mistakes in the field than the visiting team, that has to put them at a serious disadvantage over...
  10. Margo McCready

    The Homefield disadvantage

    Fenway is particularly cruel to teams that do not play major league-caliber defense.
  11. Margo McCready

    SS possibilities going forward

    Boy, this would be a fantastic if Breslow could pull it off. With Grissom a solid bet to replace Story’s production with the bat, a wizard like Mateo at shortstop would really help reward the pitchers for keeping the ball on the ground. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I think a glove...
  12. Margo McCready

    SS possibilities going forward

    With the sinker/slider guys in the rotation, the inconsistent Rafael Devers at 3rd, and the unknown of Grissom presumably at 2nd, it seems absolutely essential to have an above average defender at shortstop in order to have any shot at competing this year. I really hope they can find and plug in...
  13. Margo McCready

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    Bonds Clemens Manny ARod …kidding (I think?) Ruth Aaron Mays Williams
  14. Margo McCready

    The TrevorEnding Story: needs shoulder surgery, out for the year (4/9 update)

    I hate taking Rafaela out of center but this is probably best for the team if Story’s out. Plus, I think it may be a bit premature to pull the plug on Abreu. This gives them a chance to see what he can do.
  15. Margo McCready

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Always. Sometimes I even get obnoxiously loud audio from commercials blasting during the actual game too. Quite maddening. Anyone happen to know a way to make PIA VPN work with again? The last few years have gotten very difficult to get around blackouts with a VPN, but now this year it...
  16. Margo McCready

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    These uniforms look like wardrobe in a made for TV movie about baseball on UPN.
  17. Margo McCready

    Let's Talk About Bello

    This play really stood out to me. Bello and the rest of the staff will have so much more leeway with outfielders willing to hit the cutoff man this year.
  18. Margo McCready

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    Seems to be. I wonder if targeting starting pitchers with 20 to 40ish or so healthy post-TJ starts in trade and free agency may be a better bet than a guy who just put up 5 healthy seasons.
  19. Margo McCready

    When Is It Okay To Worry About Triston Casas: An Attempt at the Reverse Jinx

    Humility as well as confidence. I think what he’s saying in a very diplomatic way is that he’ll be ready to address a contract extension once he’s established the leverage of elite production on his resume.