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    Kyle Teel, C

    I was at this game. Sweet, sweet swing. Don't know who is catching in Worcester, but he'd better be looking over his shoulder. Fun game. Sea Dogs down early, but scored five in the seventh and three in the eighth, Teel in the middle of both rallies.
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    The WNBA: Thread II

    This all seems like growing pains. Growth always requires pain; leaving the old behind and moving into something new never comes without discomfort and distress, and the proximate cause of the growth, the one or ones who make growth possible, always are the subject of resistance and pain. If...
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    Negro League Stats to Be Integrated Into MLB Database

    Kudos to all the historians who have worked so hard to reconstruct these numbers. Lots of research was required, and has reached the status of being quite reliable. We can never repair the damage done, but this is an essential step. It was Ted Williams' HOF induction speech that started...
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    Round 3: Celtics vs Pacers

    Just before the end of the regular season, I posted a lament for the end of this amazing regular season. I loved tuning in to watch as, far more likely than not, they dismantled the scheduled foe. All that remains true, and yet, my goodness has this playoff run been fun! They're doing the...
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    2023-24 Celtics

    Well. That was fun. With the big six in street clothes, and Hauser and Pritchard anchoring the Maine Celtics, they beat up the beaten down Charlotte contingent. It tells us literally nothing, reveals nothing we didn't already know. But it was entertaining and fun, and watching the six...
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    2023-24 Celtics

    Am I the only one who is grieving the end of this remarkable season? Make no mistake, I'm excited for the playoffs, too, and nothing will please me more than hanging #18. But this has been a joy ride, from start to finish, and the slow, largely unpressured march of the regluar season, from...
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    2023-24 Maine Celtics game thread

    I had the pleasure of watching him not long ago and you've described my feelings to a T. He sees the court extremely well, and has a nice stroke. He needs about 20 pounds of muscle, however, and is frame is pretty slight. Intriguing, though, and I'm glad that we've got him for a while.
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    JD Davison, 2nd round pick

    I have no idea what the suspension is about, but I was at the Maine Celtics game a week ago, sitting right behind the team bench, and I was amazed at some of his behaviors. He didn't come onto the floor until about two minutes before tip off. He often sat at the very end of the bench during...
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    2023-24 Celtics

    This would make sense of why Mazzulla may have struggled last year in game, with the calling of time outs and other in-game decisions. Now, with a year's experience under his belt, he's excelling not only at scheming the big picture, who's on the floor with whom, etc. But also making good...
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    Jaylen Brown: More than enough in Year 8.

    Lots of love for this line. LOL
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    Can you believe it: Joe Castiglione, the 2024 Ford C. Frick Award winner!

    In his prime, and he's perhaps a few years beyond that now, no broadcaster did a better job of letting you know what it felt like to be in the ballpark with him. Home or road, Joe always had nuance and detail at his fingertips that conveyed not only what was happening, but what it felt like as...
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    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    I always thought that that Tim Wakefield had to be the most courageous player in the game. I mean, he's standing there, 60 feet away from ferocious hitters, armed with nothing but that knuckler, a pitch that he could not throw with all his might, for doing so would make it hittable. Instead...
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    Bloom, Cora -- Do they stay or do they go?

    And lighting. I see several games a year at Hadlock in Portland, and even though the lighting has vastly improved in the past few years, it's still midnight compared to MLB lighting. Playing most games at night, I can't help but think that both defense and hitting are improved with the better...
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    When to get excited?

    Before game 4 in 2004, I emailed a friend, "It seems that there is a game scheduled for the Red Sox today, might as well go ahead and try to win it." Of course, I sent the same email each day for the next eight games. It seems that there is a game scheduled for the Celtics tomorrow, might as...
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    2023 A's: Worst MLB Team Ever?

    The 1899 Cleveland Spiders were in the single "big league" the National League of 12 teams. Their owners also owned another NL team, an arrangement called syndicate ownership. The owners traded all the good Spiders to themselves, and left the rotting carcass behind. After June or so, they...
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    2023 Starting Rotation

    Well, we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it.
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    Bill James for the Baseball HOF

    Kirby Higbe.  Wrote "The High Hard One."
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    Bill James for the Baseball HOF

    I want it, too.     Bill James did more to enhance my understanding of baseball than any human being.  His abstracts, while in retrospect obviously tentative first steps toward an analytic understanding of the game, were amazing to me, and I read them with great anticipation.  James was the...
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    Ortiz. toast?