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  1. SoxinSeattle

    Wyc ownership group planning to make Celtics available for sale

    I read it as the family selling 100% of their majority stake. 51% now and 49% in '28. Minority share holders aren't affected unless they want to be. Right?
  2. SoxinSeattle

    Again. More

    I don't either but I think he made up the story. He said as much.
  3. SoxinSeattle

    Again. More

    I'm exhausted watching Tristan
  4. SoxinSeattle

    6/6 - Finals G1 vs. DAL - Comeback Song

    Everything is gonna be all right!
  5. SoxinSeattle

    Game 6 - It was not Death, for I stood up

    The only thing that sucks about hockey. Puck luck or lack there of.
  6. SoxinSeattle

    Misc. Pats Offseason News

    And it's not even the uniform thread! Preseason can't come soon enough.
  7. SoxinSeattle

    Round 1 out west

    Some ugly hockey thus far
  8. SoxinSeattle

    2024 Dolphins: Making Waves

    Needed both hands on every catch. Would not roster.
  9. SoxinSeattle

    Current State of the O Line

    Maye said he talked to Andrews on the phone when flying to Foxboro after the draft. I'd guess he intends to play.
  10. SoxinSeattle

    Beat the Giants today Avril 30

    Can't let this go unnoticed. Excellent.
  11. SoxinSeattle

    R4/110 Javon Baker WR UCF

    It'll just show up again in four days.
  12. SoxinSeattle

    4.2 - A’s Kickin’

  13. SoxinSeattle

    3/29/24 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Congrats! Level 50.
  14. SoxinSeattle

    3/29/24 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Guaranteed Stanek has a couple jet skis on a trailer hooked up to his car right now.
  15. SoxinSeattle

    3/29/24 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Beautiful day here in Seattle. Roof will be open. Mariners have essentially the same record open or closed. I looked for info on if the roof effects home runs but couldn't find any. Lets go Sox! Edit: Have fun Steeplechase. I'm hoping to go tomorrow night.
  16. SoxinSeattle

    3/28/24 - Opening Day 2024 - Red Sox at Mariners

    He seems to only have one pitch.
  17. SoxinSeattle

    2024 Red Sox spring training games

    Scroggins getting Scrogged.
  18. SoxinSeattle

    What do you want Pats to do with #3?

    Yep. I think owners would be much more forgiving if a QB doesn't develop vs. skipping the next star.
  19. SoxinSeattle

    Non-Patriots Free Agency News 2024

    ESPN says RW3 will start. 6th round for a back up. Not a bad trade for them.