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  1. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Tanner Houck 2024

    Noting and setting a calendar reminder for myself. May they be excellent but the voters idiots ;)
  2. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Tanner Houck 2024

    I believe they'll get at least one vote AND YET I'm willing to take this bet because it's not been accepted otherwise. I am now actively rooting to be $50 poorer.
  3. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Red Sox hire outside consulting firm to audit organization

    Absolutely leads to high turnover. It includes "baseball operations" staff, but with it goes support staff that came/goes with them or who don't want to be around the turmoil (especially in an industry that notoriously does not excellently). I like the idea of a 3rd party doing it because 1...
  4. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Red Sox sign Danny Kirwin from the Oakland Ballers

    Love him already. An uncompelling anamorph who needed a bit more time to develop. Put him into the Rube Bailey and see what comes out.
  5. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    If you were a ballplayer...

    Very likely nerve damage in the elbow and shoulder. I should have sought more care for it immediately (dumb kid, no medical team at HS or DIII). I never had pain until 15 years later. Started with limited blood flow, tingling, etc. It turned out the whole shoulder and elbow was/is a mess. Blood...
  6. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    If you were a ballplayer...

    The dream was, of course, the big leagues. I got really serious about baseball at 12, moved to pitcher full-time at 14, and by junior year of HS I touched 91 (sitting 85-88). I was working my butt off. My two big flaws were being right-handed and lacking a solid breaking pitch. My circle change...
  7. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Lucas Giolito has an elbow issue.

    I would think the "exact scenario" was not a catastrophic injury, but one or more smaller ones that reduced his IP in 2025 below 140. The idea that the 2026 option would be insurance for him missing a year+, after which he pitches really well but less than 140ip in 2025 is . . . a dimension of...
  8. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Heinz Ketchup is returning to Fenway

    Yet another reason why I feel lucky to be in L.A. and go to Dodger games is that they have an open carry policy, and I'm known to pack heat.
  9. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    Seriously. I cannot even fathom the hellscape this place would be if Devers walked in FA after the team failed to extend him. These threads would be 400 pages longer.
  10. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Offseason rumors

    Stanek was an opener, hence the GS stat. His limit was 2.0ip. Since leaving the Rays and "converting" to a normal, non-opening reliever, he's almost exclusively 1ip/appearance.
  11. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Thank You Chris Sale

    Our "gotcha day" with our dog was the clincher in 2018 - nearly named the guy after him (he's Louisville Slugger, Lou for short). Sale'll come back for some 2018 celebration someday, and if I'm there, I'll be screaming my neck off cheering for the guy. I hope he's got some good moments left in...
  12. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Offseason rumors

    The third year is a player option. They'll get something for him (if that is the strategy, I'm not sure it is for this year), but I count myself as one who is glad we're not giving a player option @ $15m to a guy who will be 36 and has very little track record. Not saying I wouldn't be glad he...
  13. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Larry Lucchino to sell the Worcester Red Sox to Diamond Baseball Holdings

    Put differently, should one company own 3/4 of the Red Sox minor league teams? (They already own Portland and Salem)
  14. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Let's enjoy memories of the Red Sox of the past 20 years! What were your favorites (team/player/moment/etc)?

    During the 2018 season, while in a career shift and studying for a graduate program entrance exam, I sought out a fun part-time job. I lived near Oakland, California and thought maybe I could find a ballpark gig - something to take me away from the house, minimal commute and set hours, and heck...
  15. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    So many beautiful memories shared here. So terrible there will be no new ones made. The tributes and anecdotes are consistent, and the size of Mr. Wakefield's character clearly outshone his incredible, unusual career. What a joy and blessing we all could root for him. I do hope the team retires...
  16. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Always loved that, and this anecdote from Torre in the New York Times
  17. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    When Is It Okay To Worry About Triston Casas: An Attempt at the Reverse Jinx

    Re: doubles and steals: Doubles is unfair: Freeman is at 51, which leads the MLB by 13 doubles. He's got a shot to join the exclusive 60-double-season club as it's 7th member. He's also done that in 150 more AB's that Triston. So yes, it would be nice to see Triston move up from his paltry 20...
  18. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    2023 Starting Rotation

    Not trying to add flames to the fire. But . . . let's look at Bello's worst starts of the year: April 17, Angels @ Red Sox 2.2 IP, 5 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB, 1 HBP The Angels sell garlic fries at their home in Anaheim (he performed better in Anaheim but still gave up 2HR) July 19, Red Sox @ Athletics...