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    What is next for BB?

    Imagine Mad Mel replaced by Julian Edelman, that would be something. I think BB and JE would be really, really great in a setting like last night.
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    Bears trade Fields to Pittsburgh for 6th rounder (potentially 4th)

    Thanks, that makes sense. It was difficult to wrap my head around bringing in two 'starting QBs' but I missed the Pickett trade and draft picks, which is the lynch pin of this.
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    Bears trade Fields to Pittsburgh for 6th rounder (potentially 4th)

    Wait, so the Steelers signed Russ Wilson to a one year contract and have now traded for Fields who is on the last year of his rookie contract? How is this going to work out? WTF is their plan, play both of them and figure out who to resign? That seems like a terrible plan, seems sort of Ready...
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    Mac's Future

    I'd keep Mac for next year, use draft capital to try to load up on modern NFL offensive weapons and lineman. If a QB you like is at the top of your board when you are picking and is still available go QB, do not reach for one. Go best offensive player available in every round. Also, get help...
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Does anyone have an NFL arm when/if they throw the ball like they are taking a fall away jump shot?
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Exactly, that play really stood out to me- instead of "throwing a receiver open" he threw him covered. The lob pass allowed the defender to make up ground and breakup the play. If the coverage wasn't as bad as it was it would have been an easy pick. It was unbelievable... except he does it all...
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    How Much Do You Want Your Team To Bid For Yamamoto?

    8 for 240 or 10 for 275 take your pick Mr. Yamamoto.
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    JWH and Bloom in Light of Mookie's Comments

    There is one important thing in "is Mookie telling the truth" that needs to be included- the entire world changed a month or two after the trade. COVID changed the dynamic of what a risk in waiting out free agency was for Mookie. He said over and over that he wanted to test the market. That he...
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    4/16 Memories Can't Wait

    About 17 minutes of our lives per game.
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    Sexual assault lawsuit filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    Yes, you are. Read the reports of what Bauer did.