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  1. Card042

    Remaining Free Agent Speculation and Signings (Trades, too)

    Not picking on you at all, as I agree with your point about the market developing, and also think it begs a bigger question; not only around potentially declining revenue/spending, but also what we're seeing around the volatility of starting pitcher's arms as impacted by the pitch clock. To...
  2. Card042

    Choosing your Favorite Child

    I myself would appreciate a word or two from the 1918 vote contingency, explaining their selection...having a laugh, 1918 button too close to the 2004 button, immortal vampires among us?
  3. Card042

    Offseason rumors

    I've been a lurker/whatever I am now probably on a daily basis since the ARod will he/won't he and Curt Schilling Thanskgiving dinner days. That of course qualifies me for nothing, but I'll add that I rarely post out of consideration for the signal-to-noise ratio here, which is something I...
  4. Card042

    All-Overachievers Team

    Mike Carp off the bench/PH? Dude had some clutch moments in '13. Mike Carp hits grand slam, Red Sox beat Rays in 10 Carp is 5 for 17 with two homers and nine RBIs as a pinch hitter this year. Boston has seven pinch-hit homers overall on the season. "Mike has been so productive in that role,"...
  5. Card042

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Could CJ Cron be a possibility? DFA'd by the Rays, targeted to make 5.2 million next year via arb. Perhaps he compels DD to move one of the trio of catchers? Against lefties one of Beni/JBJ sits, slide JD into the outfield and DH/1B combo of Pearce/Cron. In 150 ABs against lefties in '18...
  6. Card042

    Sox re-sign Steve Pearce

    Length and $$ are great, and with the probability of the Yankees getting Corbin and/or Paxton,