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    Edelman Arrested for Vandalism

    Per TMZ “Patriots star Julian Edelman was arrested Saturday night after allegedly jumping on the hood of someone's Mercedes ... TMZ Sports has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us it went down this way...
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    2020 Pats Off-Season: QB Discussion Only

    And the summer, it too will fade And with it brings the winter's frost dear And I know we too are made Of all the things that we have lost here... There's a couple scenarios in which Tom Brady does not return to New England in the fall of 2020. Belichick decides he's not worth what he's asking...
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    DE Michael Bennett Traded to Dallas for a 7th

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter New England is trading DE Michael Bennett to the Dallas Cowboys for 7th-round pick that can go to a 6th-round pick in 2021, league sources tell @Schultz_Report and me. View: New threads are good!
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    Bruins extend Connor Clifton
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    2019 Stanley Cup Final - No Singing the Blues - Boston is Going Back to Backes

    Yea - but their victory song is "Gloria," which is absolutely trash. Nothing good has ever come from St. Louis. Not Nelly, not the Cardinals. not anything. St. Louis is pretty similar to Boston, in terms of construction - but Boston is just a little bit better in everything St. Louis does...
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    Round 3: Bunch of Jerks - The Return of the Dougie

    The Hurricanes (nee Whalers) were the 11th best team in the NHL this year, with a 46-29-7 record. They had a +22 goal differential, and were the 1st Wildcard team in the east. Known mostly this season for their post game celebrations, and for Don Cherry calling them a "bunch of jerks."...
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    Game 3: Bruins vs. Toronto

    All I want is the Bruins to go into Toronto and rip the heart out of the entire city and their shithead team. Literally. I want Chara to punch into Hymans chest and rip his still beating heart out. I hope Kadri enjoys watching another playoff series in a suit, cause there’s no way he’s getting...
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    Game 2: Bruins vs. Toronto

    It's 7:30am on gameday and there's no thread yet. I didn't plan on starting this thread, but I woke up in Massachusetts for the first time in 7 or so months - I met PJ Stock last night, and let's just say I'm VERY feeling this game tonight. Beat the doors off these fucking chumps.
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    Charlie Coyle to Boston

    Lot of verifieds speculating that Coyle is coming to Boston. If so, I hope the cost is minimal.
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    Kareem Hunt - channeling his inner Ray Rice

    KC Chiefs Running Back Kareem Hunt Brutalizes and Kicks Woman in Hotel Video via @TMZ … As friends try to hold him back, the 2017 Pro Bowler -- who led the league in rushing yards -- explodes and...
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    10/17 - How do I live without you?

    I'm ok with never taking a solid shit again this season if it means the Bruins go 97-1-0. I'm willing to take that kind of physical and emotional distress for you all. I should probably go to the ER, but I really hate waiting for things. Waiting is a form of suffering, and I'm not sure the...
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    10/13 - This is fine.

    I'm not glued to the toilet anymore. But I still can't eat anything without getting a bad feeling and having a very uncomfortable shit. I long for the days of solid, easy, 1 or 2 wipe shits where it was honestly an enjoyable experience, and not this current iteration of flaming hell escaping my...
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    10/11 - I think it's finally over

    I haven't shit in about 5 hours. I had to drop my wife off at the airport today. She's flying back to Massachusetts to be with her mom as she undergoes her breast cancer surgery. On the way home from the airport, I came within .5 seconds of shitting my pants. I had to pull off the highway...
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    10/8 - I've been sick for 24 hours

    Not like, headache sick. Like, I've left the toilet twice, and that was only because I ran out of toilet paper on that toilet and had to go to a different one while the wife restocked. It hurts to wipe. It's really painful. I'm using wet wipes now, and it's not helping. It's better than being...
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    10/4 - Jack is going to be HUGHES in Boston

    Let's face it. The Bruins are going to spend the majority of the season in contention for the #1 overall pick in the 2019 Draft, and I am ALL IN on Jack Hughes. He'll be a legend in this town. Charlie, Jackie H, and Pasta are the future, and the future begins now.
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    Jarome Iginla to retire

    The Flames will have a press conference on July 30th for him to announce. Probably the right time for him to call it quits. He still had something in the tank, but not that much. What a career, and what a guy. Best of luck, Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla.
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    Ray Emery dies.

    Ray Emery was a stud. Not necessarily a great goalie, but seemingly a great dude and a great ambassador for hockey. This is awful.
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    Marchand Suspended 5 Games

    This seems..excessive.
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    10/9 - Colorado at Boston 1:00PM

    Lineups haven't been posted yet - but Bergeron was wearing a non-contact jersey in practice yesterday. Backes apparently has diverticulitis, so he won't be back anytime soon. Acciari broke a finger and he's out for 6 weeks or so. Torey Krug should be back tonight. I'm excited to watch the...
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    10/5 - HOCKEY IS BACK

    For fucking SHAME RMPS. It's the season opener, HOCKEY IS BACK and there's no thread yet? I'll be in the house tonight, Bjorking my brains out. Who else is in? (Oh Bergeron and Backes may be out. Bummer)