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  1. glasspusher

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    Thought this would be an appropriate place to post this. Intel has not been able to penetrate the mobile market- their chips have high peak power requirements and as such would need bigger circuitry and other components to take advantage of their peak speeds. They've been able to get away with...
  2. glasspusher

    Question for a *SERIOUSLY HARDCORE* Mac programmer

    Figured I'd ask here. Any of my few Mac programmer friends in my area can't answer my question. Involves keeping a timer running accurately on a Mac app running in the background. Apple has, over the past few years, become maniacal about saving energy on their laptops, to the point of putting...
  3. glasspusher

    Suggestions on multifunction color laserprinter/scanner, non HP

    ...because HP can suck my balls. Great print quality, but everything else about HP and their shit and shitty UI/UX make me all stabby. Thanks for any and all.
  4. glasspusher

    13 years ago today...

    “11:59PM on the 17th of October, and it’s do or die for the Red Sox, if they want to extend the season they have to score here…” - Joe Castiglione Edit: went back to listen, he did not say "Sunday"
  5. glasspusher

    What role did eyesight play into JimEd's decline?

    Marbleheader mentioned in P&G that part of Jim Rice's decline was due to trouble he had with his eyesight. I wasn't aware of this, can anyone elaborate?
  6. glasspusher

    Is Bryce Harper finished?

    Had a collapse the second half of last year. Found this interesting tidbit: About half of his career WAR of 21.5 comes from a 9.9 WAR in 2015. Will be interesting to see how he does this year.