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  1. JRedburn

    The Ringer

    Gimlet was about $15M in revenue when they were acquired for $200M so that’s more likely the range we’re talking about - certainly not 1-2x revenues.
  2. JRedburn

    iPhone 6 - BFD

    I'm not seeing that on their website. Do you have a link?
  3. JRedburn

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Nip - looks like the background-color (239,230,230) is taking precedence over the color (44,44,44).
  4. JRedburn

    Home Theater Projectors

    Anyone have experience ceiling mounting a projector? I recently bought a BenQ W1070 and it's been great to play with but I'm now ready to mount it and a little overwhelmed by the options.
  5. JRedburn

    What/Where to Watch - Boston

    Posted this in the USA thread before remembering this thread -- have to be down in Foxboro Thursday morning -- anyone have any recommendations down that way?
  6. JRedburn

    U S of A: The World Cup Thread

    I'm going to be down in Foxboro Thursday morning visiting a customer, and won't have time to make it back to Boston for USA-Germany. Anyone have a recommendation for a good place within 10-15 minutes of Foxboro where I'll be able to show up at 11:30 but still have a solid crowd for the game? Is...
  7. JRedburn

    Klinsmann's Men: The ÜSMNT Thread - Just get us to Brazil

    Anyone have an active stream for the game? is blacked out and my TV just broke :(
  8. JRedburn

    The fall of RIM

    I think the expectation is that all of the changes means that RIMM is on the block and will soon be sold to the highest bidder.