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  1. KingChre

    Extreme Makeover: The Jarren Duran Edition

    At this rate, he is going to receive MVP votes. Which is not exactly a sentence I would ever have predicted I would type in my life. EDIT: To clarify, when I say votes, I mean be on ballots. I don't think he has any chance at winning the MVP.
  2. KingChre

    Calvin Ridley, you in?

    It's amazing really. Like the option of paying more just wasn't a thing. Not saying they should have, that's debatable, but this does not make feel better.
  3. KingChre

    Patriots' 2024 Free Agency Thread

    If you were a free agent, all things being equal, why would you ever sign in Massachusetts? Seriously. What advantage does this place have In 2024 that's relevant to professional athletes? I say this as a resident of Massachusetts who grew up in Foxboro. I can come up with two reasons, a lot...
  4. KingChre

    Bears trade Fields to Pittsburgh for 6th rounder (potentially 4th)

    I agree 100%. This is exactly what I wanted the Patriots to do, but I don't think it was ever going to happen. The Steelers situation is light-years ahead of the current Patriots situation, and being that money was irrelevant in Wilson's case, it just made zero sense for Wilson to pick NE. I...
  5. KingChre

    Patriots' 2024 Free Agency Thread

    I don't hate this, but I think they'd still need to add someone like Brown or Boyd for at least some level of surety. I'd probably double dip at WR in draft in that scenario as well.
  6. KingChre

    Patriots' 2024 Free Agency Thread

    I think they should just pay him. I think it is risky, and would set a bad precedent with agents, but this is a bit of an outlier situation so I'd bite the bullet. I am higher on Ridley than most but I don't like the idea of trading assets for a similarly skilled player who also will be...
  7. KingChre

    Bruins Acquire Pat Maroon

    This is quite obviously an attempt to address what they see as a culture or toughness issue. He'll have minimal impact on the ice, but this will be a good test of how much effect "intangibles" have on a team I guess. 10/10 on the unintentional comedy scale however.
  8. KingChre

    Sox trade John Schreiber to KC for minor league right-hander David Sandlin

    You speak as if these are mutually exclusive viewpoints when they are not. All of what you said is true. Simple as that.
  9. KingChre

    Xavier Tillman to Celtics for 2 2nd round picks

    100% agree. Should have included that too, thanks for the additional info.
  10. KingChre

    Xavier Tillman to Celtics for 2 2nd round picks

    I have no dog in this fight and agree you both are mainly in sync, but I would suggest that when you referenced not taking victory laps over Kornet and Queta, that might have been construed as a negative spin. He aptly pointed out its no small feat to get the production they've both provided for...
  11. KingChre

    Alex Van Pelt named Patriots OC

    He didn't in Cleveland, Stefanski did. But he did call the plays in the playoff game Stefanski missed due to Covid in 2020. So that's something I guess. I do like the idea of bringing in a veteran QB whisperer to work with whoever they pick at 3 (assuming they go QB). It's not an overly...
  12. KingChre

    The GM Search?

    The bolded is making my point. I don't want them to do what everyone else does. I'm not overestimating anything, I understand the way things typically go, and I dont agree with it. This isn't that complicated. They made up their minds on how they wanted to go, as you say yourself, and do not...
  13. KingChre

    The GM Search?

    Why does any company ever bring in outside candidates for job openings? Alternative perspectives. I like the Washington hires because their "weird" committee is more effort than the Patriots put in, and they ended up with consensus top candidates. They may seem obvious to you, but its at the...
  14. KingChre

    The GM Search?

    I'm admittedly operating under the assumption that the reporting is correct, and they plan on going with some combination of Wolf/Groh. And they arent planning on hiring someone new. In my view not bothering to speak to any other candidates from around the league because you view the best...
  15. KingChre

    The GM Search?

    I understand the culture argument but I just want to go on the record by stating that I hate this plan. I think it's arrogant, and I think it's going to fail. Ironically enough I would not feel this way if they went through a thorough search and interview process only to settle on these guys...
  16. KingChre

    Offseason rumors

    I actually agree with this on a micro level. Macro-speaking this organization no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt. They aren't "cheap" per se but they are no longer willing to wield their financial advantage in a way that they have in the past. For me personally, since the Mookie trade...
  17. KingChre

    2024 - Path to 90 Wins

    Man the quality of posts in here has really crashed. I'll see myself out...
  18. KingChre

    McAdam: “Full Throttle” may mean business as usual

    This is one of these times where I really wish I had posted earlier so I don't come off like Captain Hindsight, but I think it was obvious from the get go this was the only realistic chance they had to acquire YY. If the front office actually thought they were going to be a realistic contender...
  19. KingChre

    Offseason rumors

    Yes for 27 million I would rather have Paxton and Grissom than Sale. Not to mention the additional 5 years of control on Grissom. I just hope this in addition to acquiring another front-end starter.
  20. KingChre

    Offseason rumors

    I completely agree. If they want to burn 10 million on Paxton as a 5, so be it, but if their 2 SP "additions" are Giolito and a returning Paxton, color me underwhelmed. However I'm encouraged by recent reports of them entertaining trading for cost-controlled young pitching. If they trade for...