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  1. bakahump

    What will be the next number retired by the Celtics?

    Its not the pro BB hall of fame. Its the BB hall of fame. If foreign players get all that credit then surely being one of it not the Man on B2B College Champs certainly vaults him in. I think this championship is the lock. I wonder how many 15 year players, who won both an NBA title and at...
  2. bakahump

    National Celtics discourse

    And Damn it where is the Luka Foul on that shot.
  3. bakahump

    National Celtics discourse

    My HS french 1&2 (which took 3 years) is a little rusty..... But I think I heard "Petite Pritchard" which is awesome.
  4. bakahump

    The Nation's Tears (C's Edition!)

    Ironically on Earth-7896 did Embiid get Traded for a Haul after Al was signed. And Jimmy, Al and Good ("worry about D Ben") Simmons leads Philly to a title?
  5. bakahump

    Celtics Plays of the Season

    The Pritchard play begin with the missed FT. You immediately see him "Im here Im here GIVE it to ME GIVE IT TO ME". Dude knows what his role is. And Horford knew who to give it to. Its what he does.
  6. bakahump

    R1/3: Drake Maye QB UNC

    I dont know what the answer is. But to Bubble wrap Drake in the belief the OL will get him hurt does what exactly? I mean by that rational wouldnt Brissett be hurt by mid season? If he is hurt....and the OL is not significantly better (and will probably be worse from attrition and its own sets...
  7. bakahump

    National Celtics discourse

    Lets Pre-empt Dallas' parade plans tonight and go from there. At this point its one game, one quarter, one possession at a time. Try against all hope to keep Luka Donkych from 50 and keep Cryie Irvin under 35 and hope we can eek out a 86-85 defensive battle for once.
  8. bakahump

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Irate Youtube Defense guy is gonna have a field day with Deuce.
  9. bakahump

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    There was another play where the Luka stood to the Left of the celtics basket. He basically ball watched as the passes went in a triangle around him for a score. He literally took 3 half steps in each direction of the triangle. Never really committing to anything. I am not sure how much is...
  10. bakahump

    National Celtics discourse

    The wind is indeed beginning to turn. The Celts arent out of it yet. They need to take one game at a time and stack some wins. Dallas showed a slight chink in the armor last night and its now we will see if the Celts can turn this around and take advantage. Its not over. I still have hope...
  11. bakahump

    National Celtics discourse

    No i mean the Celts. I read the National Papers and watch ESPN.
  12. bakahump

    National Celtics discourse

    Basically this is a must win for the Celts or this series may very well be over.
  13. bakahump

    Jrue the Damaja

    Irony would be if GA asks out after this year (or next) after Dame, Lopez, Middleton get older and start to/suck more. "Thanks for indulging me....I think I will be leaving now." I think Portland was smart.
  14. bakahump

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    This team is just awesome. Not just from a Basketball perspective but the fact they really seem like a family. Tito as some kind of Grandpa to Deuce and Ean, The kids high fiving everyone. All the players seemingly treating even the lowest staff (Hall monitor lady) with Fist pump respect...
  15. bakahump

    Misc. NFL Offseason News

    I dont know anything about BP rules. But it seems like the guys on either end and the spotter where assisting no? Whats the rule on that? You can use all the strength you have in 3 fingers to spot?
  16. bakahump

    2023-24 Celtics

    JVG may recognize this for what it is.....probably likely considering he has been getting paid to study the situation. This may well represent the best (or one of the 3?) best possible ways to win a ring over the next 3-5 years. Worse things then helping an Excellent team, with little real...
  17. bakahump

    Offensive depth chart -- down in the trenches

    I know i am not getting a Birthday card from Jacoby, but I am really looking for the line to be"good enough" to keep Brissett upright and starting all season. Give me another top 10 pick (OL/LT/WR) next year and years worth of experience (in practice and the QB room) for Drake. They are gonna...
  18. bakahump

    Closest Sweeps in history

    Soooo......are the Celtics Battel tested (TM) now? I mean they waltzed through the regular season winning easy games and never being pushed. Sincerly Nat Media
  19. bakahump

    How Do You Want The WCF to End?

    Mavs, but as long as possible. Just gonna suck that yet again the Js are gonna be sidelined and downplayed as the National media sucks up to the 2 greatest basketball players ever in Luka and Kryzie.
  20. bakahump

    Round 3: Celtics vs Pacers

    "Everything" looked hard for Indiana last night. Especially in the 1st qtr and the first half of the third. There were about 5 possesions where Boston F'd up and allowed an easy Layup. But beyond that tough sledding for Indy. To their credit....they were able to produce despite the "Hard" but...