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  1. J

    red sox preview/predictions

    I'm at 81 to 83 wins, and believe they'll do better as Breslow augments the roster.
  2. J

    How Much Does Ownership’s Level of Spending Affect Your Fandom ?

    I've been a Red Sox fan for a long time. Watched Teddy Ballgame in the flesh at Fenway, during his last 3 years playing. Survived Haywood and Buddy's leadership, and the gerbil of a manager who cost us a world series or 2, arguably. While current ownership doesn't always provide a warm and...
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    How much does winning and losing affect your fandom?

    I'm a number 4 with some number 5 sprinkled in. I was a rabid fan for 52 years before they won their first World Series in my lifetime. I love the laundry and the players. The Red Sox have filled a lifetime of pleasant memories, firmly rooted before a phenomenal 2004. I will always love the...