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  1. Daws213

    January NHL News Thread

    "Reminding" her she is an analyst and not a fan is quite rich coming from Pierre. Does anyone come off as a fan boy more than him?
  2. Daws213

    2018 Golf Thread

    The green with the trench in the middle is a design template called the Biarritz used by CB McDonald and Seth Raynor - who was the architect of Yale. The Yale version is considered one of the best renditions of the Biarritz template in the world. Some more info here...
  3. Daws213

    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

    He made multiple great saves in the third period of game 6 alone. One was a shoulder save on Nylander on the doorstep after a cross ice pass with 8:40 left. Starting at 1:50 of this video: One shorthanded...
  4. Daws213

    2018 PGA Tour

    The dates for the TPC Boston event are changing, at the very least, as they want the FedEx Cup to end before the football season starts
  5. Daws213

    The Athletic Boston now live.

    I wonder if Fluto will actually have to cover the Bruins now, or if the Athletic will allow him to continue being a food blog with Bruins info sprinkled in
  6. Daws213

    30 for 30

    Wikipedia shows Parcells leaving Air Force after the 1978 season for the Giants defensive coordinator job in 1979. He quit as DC before the season started, but came back as the Pats linebackers coach in 80, before returning to the Giants in 81. Belichick left Denver after 78 and joined the...
  7. Daws213

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    I was in attendance for games 1 and 2 of this series. The Sea Dogs were by far the better team in both games, but Zboril wasn't too impressive in either game. He seemed to be playing passive in the defensive zone and drifting around the ice at times. He was on the second pairing in game 1 and...
  8. Daws213

    Fire Clode?

    Kessel scored 36 goals his last season with the Bruins, a total he has only topped 2 other times in his career (37 both times). His seasons with the Bruins also resulted in his best Corsi & Fenwick numbers of his career until last season with the Penguins. As mentioned above, he forced a trade...
  9. Daws213

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    Take it for what it’s worth, but I have a buddy who is a Sea Dogs season ticket holder and we were talking before the 2015 draft, probably after a mock draft had the B’s taking Zboril or something like that, and I remember him saying that he thought Chabot would end up being the better player...
  10. Daws213

    Bill Simmons: Good Luck With Your Life.

      I forgot how horrible that Bruins/Jason Allison article was. Blaming the influx of Europeans and his inability to pronounce their names as one of his top reason he stopped watching hockey is just hilarious. I guess the NBA never had an influx of Euros.   Also, that trade for Murray and Stumpel...
  11. Daws213

    The Picture/Video Thread

    Around the 30 second mark of this video you can see it doesn't touch Murray's stick, just Iginla's