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  1. Hendu for Kutch

    Misc. NFL Offseason News

    Boooooo! Having a guy eyeball something from 50 feet away and then measuring it down to the inch has always been one of my favorite bits of absurdity that is just accepted in sport.
  2. Hendu for Kutch

    Plummeting Ticket Prices

    All anecdotal, but... I live in Nashua. 30 years ago we had 5 different Bambino (now Cal Ripken) leagues and a Little League in the city. Each part of town had its own league, with multiple levels and teams. Now the city has one league. There are 5 teams total in the 11-12 age group. Babe Ruth...
  3. Hendu for Kutch

    Unusual plays

    That was the first thing I thought too. Man, that was awful.
  4. Hendu for Kutch

    April 9, home opener

    I feel like the old crowd would have given Story a big ovation. Ya, it sucks that he's hurt again, but he got hurt busting ass for the team.
  5. Hendu for Kutch

    Baseball Road Trips Catch All Thread

    Just Detroit, Cleveland, and Atlanta left to go, but I got a few bonus ones in - Montreal, London, and Cooperstown.
  6. Hendu for Kutch

    Baseball Road Trips Catch All Thread

    Yep, I've seen the Sox play in 30 parks and PNC was my favorite out of all of them. I highly recommend taking in an inning from behind home plate in the upper deck. The view is stunning. (image is weird because it's a scan and stitch of physical pictures made 20 years ago)
  7. Hendu for Kutch

    2024 NFL General Season News and Notes

    What a world we live in where that was even a possibility.
  8. Hendu for Kutch

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    Honestly, this just makes me sad. Ohtani has been such a positive for baseball in every way the last few years. The most exciting player of my lifetime, and seemingly good-natured, likeable, and unselfish. Even if he was just paying off his friend's debts, there's still some tarnish there now...
  9. Hendu for Kutch

    Is this an app? A UX tool? Help me be less dumb.

    That sounds like overkill for something so simple, but just my opinion. This is a simple vanilla javascript site from the description, with no real sensitive data to protect and a fairly static set of questions just meant to be a tool to help sales people make a decision. Unless there's some...
  10. Hendu for Kutch

    Is this an app? A UX tool? Help me be less dumb.

    This sounds like it can be as simple as a standalone HTML/javascript web page. The functionality sounds pretty straightforward. If your sales team is very mobile-based, you could create an app for it, but that seems like overkill for what you want. Just a quick standalone site that they can...
  11. Hendu for Kutch

    Is Mac Jones the biggest bust in Patriots history?

    Nope, this guy will be hard to displace. #1 overall pick, 74 games and 17 sacks in his career.
  12. Hendu for Kutch

    Offseason rumors

    I agree that they should, my question is whether they have the stones to do it? I have my doubts, based on the way they handled the trade deadline.
  13. Hendu for Kutch

    Offseason rumors

    Could Angels ownership stomach not just losing both Ohtani and Trout in one off-season, but losing them both to a team in the same city? That seems like a pretty tough PR pill to swallow for an ownership group that is already pretty unpopular.
  14. Hendu for Kutch

    Week 8 Pats @Fins

    The flag landed right after he got up - this is 100% bullshit after-the-fact justification.
  15. Hendu for Kutch

    Week 8 Pats @Fins

    The only reason Tavai missed that tackle was because he was shoved in the back as he was about to make it. Thought that was a penalty and it couldn't have been more in the open, know.
  16. Hendu for Kutch

    Week 7 Bills @ Pats

    The casinos in the Liecester Square/Picadilly Circus show the games. When I watched a game at the Hippodrome Casino a few years back they had mini-rooms for each game that was on.
  17. Hendu for Kutch

    Goats vs Raiders

    There was no point in suiting up a RT today. Lowe might as well have not been there. Every friggin' replay he barely touched Crosby. I know Crosby is outstanding, but holy shit. I can't recall ever seeing anything like that, just no resistance at all.
  18. Hendu for Kutch

    True Fans, Idiots, or Masochists

    Went 3 for 3 on the thread title, but at least my seats were good. Honestly, the game sucked enough, but the concessions seemed to be in shutdown mode too which sucked. No peanuts left, no sausages left, no chicken tenders left, half the sodas were out. Saw one package of peanuts 5 feet to...
  19. Hendu for Kutch

    True Fans, Idiots, or Masochists

    Same here. There's some holdover in my mind from earlier this century where I feel compelled to jump on any ticket deals I come across, even for a meaningless game.