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  1. theheathernet

    4/14 Galileo's Well-Handled Balls. . .

    NESN360 is choosing entire half innings to not show me today
  2. theheathernet

    4/12 A-Holes In The Infield.....

    That would be exciting if Reyes wasn’t next AB.
  3. theheathernet

    4/12 A-Holes In The Infield.....

    What. Am I watching.
  4. theheathernet

    8/19 Beat the MFY

    Lou has very artistic command of the perplexed grunt
  5. theheathernet

    8/17 Just Have Fun

    For those not tuned: Appropriate lead up to the Casas bomb, Bradford reported that Kevin Frandsen passed along 40th birthday congrats from the Nats booth to Pedroia who, quote, “finally looks the age he looked the day he was drafted.”
  6. theheathernet

    8/2 - Open the Month with Another Win

    I don't know why that little pump-action delivery of Crawford's makes strikes more satisfying to me.
  7. theheathernet

    July 22 Mets @Fenway

    These references are so sweet. And so cold.
  8. theheathernet

    BPDA approves Fenway Corners, a $1.6 billion development around Fenway Park

    Yesterday’s (7/22) rainout caused some noticeable Fenway grumbling from admittedly suspect sources. Some in the game thread, and lots in response to a viral clip posted to Twitter of a bare-chested bellyflop into standing water. I took my seven-year-old to a game earlier this month on a hot...
  9. theheathernet

    4/18 The Twins come to town

    Perfect. No notes.
  10. theheathernet

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Y’all on here that are SoSH lifers have taught me so much about baseball numbers and analysis and hidden trends and long view strategies… But this… this is baseball. There’s no better narrative than the right players finding each other at the right time. Each of these three individually have...
  11. theheathernet

    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    Interesting thoughts so far. I loved O'Brien in the radio, so while I didn't agree with Don's firing I knew that OB was a great replacement. O'Brien just seems like O'Brien so far to me. Good, solid. Calls the game. But what I've really liked so far this year is that Remy is a ton more...