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  1. riveraulwick

    Game 6 - It was not Death, for I stood up

    That's a depressing thought. Not untrue necessarily
  2. riveraulwick

    2023-24 NHL Game Thread

    Yeah, this is what I should have specified. The Devils had very fair grievances against Rempe and Trouba. The rest was unnecessary and looks bad for the sport at large.
  3. riveraulwick

    2023-24 NHL Game Thread

    I must be getting old because I find this stuff stupid and pointless
  4. riveraulwick

    3/9 - What a Maroon

    Zacha will never score again
  5. riveraulwick

    Rest in Peace, DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Wow, I feel gutted by the loss and emotionally lifted by all the warm and happy thoughts expressed in this thread. Donation made and tears shed. God bless SoSH
  6. riveraulwick

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    All true, but puck battles along the walls do not result in set plays by your opponent deep in your own defensive zone. The amount of high danger shots as a result of clean face-off loses are what I have been looking for since I've read Fris' excellent post and I have seen a bunch. The fact...
  7. riveraulwick

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    Awesome story Fris. I can just picture Cam at that moment. And thank you Chea for addressing the faceoff issue with your insights. It has all been very informative to someone like me who has been getting progressively upset with the recent increase in faceoff inefficiency after a solid start...
  8. riveraulwick

    12/19 Wild @ Bruins

    Got a lot louder!!
  9. riveraulwick

    12/19 Wild @ Bruins

    Quiet night by Marsh
  10. riveraulwick

    12/19 Wild @ Bruins

    My God Jack has really fallen off a cliff this year. Really hope he hangs it up after this year. Painful to listen to.
  11. riveraulwick

    12/19 Wild @ Bruins

    Geekie has been a huge pleasant surprise
  12. riveraulwick

    A Festivus poll: Where does Yamamoto end up?

    I think it will be the Mets on a huge overpay that they regret in time.
  13. riveraulwick

    2023 NHL Draft

    Thank you so much for all your effort on the draft. Super appreciated.
  14. riveraulwick

    Silver Dollar - The Official NBA Betting Thread!

    Thank you so much HRB. I had Miami +8 and o/217 and then, in a fit of trust in your insight, placed a Miami straight up wager right before gametime. Choking on winnings this morning.
  15. riveraulwick

    Silver Dollar - The Official NBA Betting Thread!

    Really hope you don't go HRB. I check this and the other basketball threads just for your content and insight.
  16. riveraulwick

    3/18 @ Minnesota: Walk on the Wild Side

    What is Carlo doing there?
  17. riveraulwick

    What’s Different About This Year

    One thing that jumps out to me about this team,and is common trait of most powerhouse hockey teams, is leadership. There is an incredibly high standard for accountability both on and off the ice. It obviously starts with Bergy but it includes having Kreji back and high energy characters like...