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  1. BrotherMouzone

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    I don't know if I've ever seen so many words that I have less of an idea of what they mean. I do recognize the word "rare".
  2. BrotherMouzone

    Remember how Kyrie is an antisemite? No just me? Also he’s one game from elimination

    Not to defend Kyrie at all in this scenario (because I have problems with many of his off-the-court issues) but no one is mentioning that the Celtics team he was joining was completely transformed five minutes into the first game of the season when Gordon Hayward shattered his leg. It's truly...
  3. BrotherMouzone

    2024 PGA Championship - Valhalla

    Looks like this cop has given himself many chances to get fired, still hasn't happened.
  4. BrotherMouzone

    Round 2: Celtics vs Cavs

    I remember one of the more prominent "sky is falling always" posters here being "very disappointed" with the Celtics effort in at least one of those wins. So that one can probably be discounted too.
  5. BrotherMouzone

    Everybody Hates Draymond

    Take away the physical acts of violence too. For a league that is trying to crack down on complaining to the officials (and your mileage may vary on how successful that campaign is), no one is more demonstrative with his displeasure than Draymond. For all the talk about the many ejections and...
  6. BrotherMouzone

    Hot and Not Hot Cs Takes...Will They Age Well?

    There's valid criticism, and then there's bullshit nonsense that the only guys on the team that have "a single-minded focus on winning" (whatever the hell that means) are Al Horford and Derrick White. Takes like that deserved to be mocked and criticized.
  7. BrotherMouzone

    Green Zinger Tea - Kristaps Porziņģis 2023-24

    I think everyone knew once the trade went down that Porzingis would inevitably miss time throughout the season. The fact that it doesn't seem serious this go around is a win in my book. He wasn't going to play 70+ games. The goal is to be healthy in the playoffs.
  8. BrotherMouzone

    The Dynasty: Apple TV 10 Part Series (2/16/24 Premiere)

    Kraft loves this shit. On camera where he can play the hero.
  9. BrotherMouzone

    The Celtics Offseason

    One of my favorite games I ever went to was a Celtics preseason game in Amherst in 2008. Bill Walker had two MONSTER dunks, including this one on Theo Ratliff. View:
  10. BrotherMouzone

    Luis Urias to Red Sox

    All the other points he validly made about Story's health and how his latest injury is more of the freak variety and not a sign that he's injury-prone, you're just going to ignore those? And bring up Jed Lowrie for no reason? It's OK to admit defeat sometimes.
  11. BrotherMouzone

    Serie A Tickets?

    Went to an Inter match at San Siro back in 2018. Was able to get tickets the day before at the team's fan shop in downtown Milan. Took maybe 30 minutes? You got a number and waited for your turn to go to the ticket desk, we just took whatever was available. They played a recently promoted team...
  12. BrotherMouzone

    Brogdon - with 2 O's

    The Clippers just rejected Brogdon's medical, but now they're going to trade one of their two superstars for him? What?
  13. BrotherMouzone

    The Celtics Offseason

    I think that's unfair and clouded by the way the season ended with his injury. He fit his role in Boston without complaints and was a key piece to a team that was one win away from an NBA Finals appearance.
  14. BrotherMouzone

    Joe Mazzulla officially named head coach

    I don't know if I can respond to each of these points, because there are a lot of them. And I think a lot of them are unanswerable, at least for us basement dwelling message board posters, in terms of how he's respected in the locker room, or specific scheme fits during games, etc. What irks me...
  15. BrotherMouzone

    Joe Mazzulla officially named head coach

    Love how being one game away from the NBA Finals and winning nearly 60 games in the regular season shows that someone was "clearly far over his head" and "nowhere ready to coach at this level".
  16. BrotherMouzone

    USMNT Summer 2023: Memo's Mirror Gets Sharp

    Yep, got it. Should have picked up on that initially, though I probably still consider an in-prime Pulisic the more talented player over Gio. Regardless, glad I wasn't losing my mind on the first point of your post.
  17. BrotherMouzone

    USMNT Summer 2023: Memo's Mirror Gets Sharp

    When you describe getting "almost nothing from our probably most talented player" at the World Cup, are you talking about Pulisic? Because if so, I don't know if I could disagree more with that take. Was involved in all three goals the team scored during the tournament, as well as delivering two...
  18. BrotherMouzone

    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    That's obviously not what I said so don't put words in my mouth. I said it was very disappointing that this team hasn't broken through yet, while also acknowledging that it's extremely difficult to win a championship in professional sports. There's no magic bullet to win one of these things, you...