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    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    Extremely frustrating that it doesn't seem like they were able to match the Mavs mentally or physically tonight, and that Dallas got so many bounces and calls. But I also really really don't feel great that they haven't been able to generate good scoring opportunities on offense seemingly since...
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    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    Three straight quarters now of awful basketball missing their 3rd best player. This is not the most ironclad 3-0 lead…
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    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    Rebounding going about as well as the last potential Finals clincher
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    6/12 - Finals Game 3 @ DAL – Five Wear Green

    There's been a lot of impressive defense contributions by some of the end of bench guys today and throughout the series. Holding their won out there.
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    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Odd that Mazzulla is describing it as "serious" when he's listed as day-to-day and walking around fine and smiling (the latter is admittedly a bit of projection as to what Celtics fans want to hear). However I would imagine that back in October a lot of people would have taken a 2-0 lead in the...
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    6/9 - Finals Game B vs. DAL - 48 > 40

    If KP has any kind of significant injury basically have to win this game or it will be very difficult.
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    The WNBA: Thread II

    I'm not countering anything. My point was that the interest in Caitlin Clark is unprecedented, but Angel Reese is still a pretty big draw.
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    The WNBA: Thread II

    I paid $50+fees for upper level seats behind the basket on Friday. It's been years since I've spent that much to watch the Wizards, and I think I've paid less for playoff tickets. FWIW the Sky are back in DC next Friday playing at the ESA (4k venue) and the game is sold out with the cheapest...
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    GW38: The Final Gameweek

    Congrats to Man City and their supporters @teddykgb
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    NFL Schedule Release 2024

    Guess my early Christmas present plan to get my parents in St. Augustine tickets to see the Patriots play wasn't so clever after all.
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    Matchday 35- Waiting for the inevitable

    Just don't think you can find much fault in taking 4 pts from City. If Arsenal fall short it will be because of 0 pts in December from Villa, West Ham, and Fulham.
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    Arsenal 23-24: Watch this Space

    I think the last 2 matches, with really poor performances in the 2nd half, have shown it was probably just a bit too much for this squad to mount serious CL and PL campaigns simultaneously. Fatigue and a lack of depth in attack seemed obvious. Assuming City can close things out--which is still a...
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    Still Not the Super League: Champions League 23/24

    I understand you're biased here lol, but this is nonsense. Neuer sticks his leg out and completely misses the ball blocking Saka’s path. In slow motion it looks like Saka trails his leg, but realistically it's difficult to get out of the way running at that speed. Like others have said, it's a...
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    Still Not the Super League: Champions League 23/24

    Mental mistakes continue to be one of the few weakness for the Arsenal defense. Had largely disappeared over the last few months but it’s still lurking.
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    Apple Sports iPhone App

    I don't think the app has live activities/dynamic island support. This was already available for sports scores through the AppleTV app
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    Wizards, Caps will reluctantly accept $500 million to stay in DC

    Not sure if she's going to hold out long term or is just looking for concessions, but Lucas is having fun with this: View: And the Senate majority leader thinks the arena bill is on "life support".
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    End of an Era: Bill Belichick and Patriots to part ways

    Ughhhhh yeah how is this not sending off major alarms for everyone?? The issue here isn't the bickering between the Krafts and Belichick. As unpleasant as it is, it's kind of expected with the collapse of a 24 year partnership. If Jonathan is going to be heavily involved in football operations...
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    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Incredible Bill thinks his audience wants to hear Taylor Swift talk from a middle-aged man whose specialty in life is ticket service fees.
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    The Celtics Offseason

    The narrative that Mazzulla "did enough" to return as head coach is infuriating. They went down 3-0 to the 8th seed and lost by 19 at home in game 7 to the 8th seed. It's unacceptable.
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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    I think looking back on this game with time the Tatum injury is going to be the dominant thread, but I'm really holding it in right now. I'm so mad and disappointed with tonight's performance and the overall trajectory of this team.