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  1. Orel Miraculous

    In Chaim Do You Trust?

    Uhh, so who was going to play left, then? You said that the only reason JBJ started in right was because of injuries, but you haven't told us whose injury caused this.
  2. Orel Miraculous

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    We're going to see an absolutely massive increase in stolen base attempts: More details behind the paywall. If you're interested, pay for good journalism.
  3. Orel Miraculous

    In Chaim Do You Trust?

  4. Orel Miraculous

    In Chaim Do You Trust?

    This isn’t a technicality: there was a president of baseball operations above him who was actually the decision-maker. And in light of the fact that there are people in here arguing that Bloom, while unquestionably smart, lacks certain qualities that would make him a great president of baseball...
  5. Orel Miraculous

    In Chaim Do You Trust?

    Bloom didn't take over anything in Tampa. He was never the man in charge.
  6. Orel Miraculous

    And on this farm he had some prospects B-L-O-O-M

    All of them, come on. You really think you know how an MLB roster works better than these guys?
  7. Orel Miraculous

    Jeurys Familia Dfa’d

    This does a reasonably good job at explaining why:
  8. Orel Miraculous

    Mookie details Boston exit

    And they didn't even really stink! They were an 87-win team by the pythag, which is a hell of a lot better than where they'll end up this year. It was a World Series hangover that met some bad injury luck. It happens. It's insane to think that the 2019 season was proof that the Sox needed to...
  9. Orel Miraculous

    Mookie details Boston exit

    Speaking for myself, my principal issue is the bolded. The Red Sox were not in any way, shape, or form, a rebuilding organization, and it's ridiculous to suggest so. They were one year removed from their greatest season in team history, with a team filled with with homegrown stars just entering...
  10. Orel Miraculous

    Wish List For the Rest of 2022

    When you have money, using it to acquire talent is the smart way to build your team. No, what's in accordance with the general drift of America is the belief held by the majority of fans that it's more fun to root for a team whose ownership most successfully exploits its labor.
  11. Orel Miraculous

    Wish List For the Rest of 2022

    Why is a team spending money to field good players a bad thing? How did fans get so conditioned into rooting for the owners to profit as much as possible?
  12. Orel Miraculous

    Red Sox in season discussion

    "Except of course for the greatest contact hitter of all-time and a multiple-time all-star" is quite the caveat. There have only been 16 position players to come over from Japan. Two of them have cemented their place as no-doubter all-time greats (Ichiro and Ohtani), and Matsui (though he came...
  13. Orel Miraculous

    Would Pete Runnel(l)s Make the Sox Roster in 2022?

    "Front offices don't care about how many times a player does the single most valuable thing in baseball" is certainly a take, I guess. But sure, your overall point stands: Pete Runnels brought a lot of value to the ball field, and that value would still be there today. But Runnels' point still...
  14. Orel Miraculous

    Theo Epstein steps down as Cubs' Head of Baseball Ops

    Well, it certainly looks like he's thinking bigger than just a team president role. I really wonder if this is step one of a move against Manfred. . . View: Theo Epstein said he was interested in a baseball job that allows him to...
  15. Orel Miraculous

    Sox Owners, Partners Plan Major Development Around Fenway Park

    Its really nothing like the Braves, who basically built an entire neighborhood where there was nothing there before. The Sox are just developing a few empty parcels they happen own in the middle of a city that’s currently building on every empty parcel.
  16. Orel Miraculous

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    There's been a message board dedicated to discussing his work for the last 16 years: The man occupies a weird and singular position in the history of sports writing.
  17. Orel Miraculous

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    Pretty sure he can't opt out until after the 2022 season. He's not going anywhere.
  18. Orel Miraculous

    COVID-19 and the Red Sox

    All of which are completely legitimate concerns to be raised by the players. All of these ridiculous bubble ideas pretend that the players are strat-o-matic baseball cards instead of human beings.
  19. Orel Miraculous

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    Before you cite this poll again for the 10th time in this thread, you should know that it was complete bullshit: