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    June 2024 MLB Gamethread

    Here's a surprise: The Yankees are up 4-0 after 1 against Minnesota.
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    5/15 - G5 vs. CLE - Gentleman's Sweep

    Marcus Morris shooting 8/10 is disgusting.
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    4/18 vs Guardians

    Slaten is nasty.
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    2024 Red Sox Spring Training Julian McWilliams @byJulianMack · 15m Chris Martin threw two warmup pitches prior to his live BP and walked off the mound. Not sure what happened yet.
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    2024 Red Sox spring training games

    Clean inning with 1 strike out for Justin Slaten and Chris Murphy each from the boxscore.
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    Silver Dollar - The Official NBA Betting Thread!

    Got Orlando at +3.5 and Detroit +11 on FanDuel. Hopefully I don't mush!
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    The next OC?

    "Independent quarterback consultant" according to Lazar.
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    Divisional Round Weekend

    Lot of David Montgomery anytime TD bettors are furious.
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    Will you be watching the NFL playoff game on Peacock?

    Used to have Peacock for free with Xfinity but that ended sometime last summer and I would have to pay for it. I'll be watching because I'm going to my buddies house and one of my buddies that will also be there already has a subscription. Otherwise I probably wouldn't.
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    Week 16

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    De Panzer continues Week 10 vs Colts

    Holy fuck.
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    De Panzer continues Week 10 vs Colts

    Has this idiot ever thrown an INT that wasn't absolutely awful?
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    De Panzer continues Week 10 vs Colts

    Nice flop Mac.
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    Week 8 game thread

    Seahawks wearing throwbacks today.
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    Week 7: The Game Thread

    Eagles Kelly Green's are beautiful.
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    Let's enjoy memories of the Red Sox of the past 20 years! What were your favorites (team/player/moment/etc)?

    This thread has me going down a Youtube rabbit hole. View: View: View: Victorino emptying the bases...
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    So....who is the new GM/head of baseball ops? Chris Antonetti and David Forst are two names being mentioned in the industry today as potential candidates to become the next Red Sox president of baseball operations.
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    Week 1 vs. Eagles--Pre Game Discussion and News

    Might not matter of course, but the article below states that SB losers are 4-19 against the spread in week 1 last 23 years. Maybe that's part of it?
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    9/5/2023 - MiLB 2 Days Til Tuesday

    View: Teel and Anthony to AA.