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    Conference Finals

    True. But possibly because that one was already past his ear before he saw it coming. But it does seem like the Rangers have figured out formula on him. Sure wish the B’s had done that.
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    Conference Finals

    Another high shot beats Bob.
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    Conference Finals

    I’ve always had a healthy dislike of the Rags and their current roster isn’t exactly likable. But I now have a seething hate for the Panthers that used to be reserved just for the Habs. However the Panthers widespread embellishment, their dirty play, their pompous coach, not to mention the...
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    Round 1 rest of the east

    That save by Bobrovsky on Domba was freakin crazy!
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    4/8- Devils @ Bruins reporting its Hall with Coyle and Frederic.
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    5/23-Game 5 Bruins @ Capitals has had streams for most games so far.
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    2017 Preseason Game Thread- 9/18 B's @ Habs

    Stream link if anyone interested. Detroit feed.