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    Lucas Giolito has an elbow issue.

    I just don't know how they're gonna replace that 170 innings of 4.7 ERA
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    Week 18

    C'mon McCarthy, pull Dak and CeeDee. Keep them fit and healthy.
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    Is Connor Wong a starting catcher?

    I will add that Wong is #3 in baseball in the new statcast Catcher's Caught Stealing Above Average metric (+3) , while Reese McGuire is tied for worst in the league (-2) amongst qualified Catchers. Small sample size caveat implied. Edit: BatX projections for both: Wong: 231/280/371, McGuire...
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    What Non-US/UK Teams Do You Root For, and Why?

    I moved to Milan when I was 13, went to my first match that same year with my family. Milan v Parma. Milan's lineup that day (according to goole): Sebastiano Rossi Marcel Desailly Paolo Maldini Alessandro Costacurta Mauro Tassotti Franco Baresi Roberto Donadoni Demetrio Albertini Brian...
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    Arsenal 20-21: Artetenal and/or Kia Joorabchian Futebol Clube

    I have zero faith in Edu leading any sort of squad overhaul
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    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    What are the current arguments for keeping Emery around? It's been a year+ of pretty terrible football and, amazingly, seems to be getting worse.
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    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    It seems TC Palm has the most extensive coverage at the moment, including sad mug shots of the 85 people arrested so far.
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    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    I hope Ashley survives her illness. #PrayforAshley
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    Not That Tricky: Bill Barnwell's NFLisming

    Is this the guy that does those Bachelorette podcasts?
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    Watching the Jones: Dazed & Confused

    Right on time:
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    CSI Nevermind--Excuses for Why Patriots Opponents Lose

    Why is 25 coin flips the cutoff point?  Why not the Pats last 35 coin flips? 40? 
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    Arsenal 2015-2016: The One That Got Away

      This seems like Arsenal covering for incredibly allowing him back on the pitch.  He looked the very definition of unconscious when he was rolled into the recovery position.  
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    Arsenal 2015-2016: The One That Got Away

    In news that should surprise no one,  Wilshere looks like he could be out for a couple of months.
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    EPL...educate me & help me pick a team

    Regarding the up and coming team thing: Why not watch a few Southampton games?   Great youth academy, back to back promotions in 2010-11 & 2011-12 to return to the Premiership and now look to set to stick around.  They were raided for several of their best players last summer and many had them...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    I think Roger's ego was bruised and he goes haywire because of a combination of the public denials by Brady, Belichick, the public request for apology by Kraft, the overall media shitstorm, and most importantly the supposed "history of cheating."   Belichick suspended for the year, Brady...
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    Manchester United 2014-2015: Van Gaal's Insane Speech at the end of the awards

    For those interested, here's IBWM's effusive take on Depay from their annual 100 players to watch.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise link to tweet     So if the report finds the Pats guilty of cheating, he'd put 'very little stock in the report,' right? Right.
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    Arsenal 2014-2015: Ugh. Your banter stinks.

        This is a non-story.  This rumor was originally started by the Daily Mail who, apart from appearing to have a bizarre anti-Özil agenda, literally use "the football grapevine" as their source.