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    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    A team would need to make this a multi -year project starting in the minors. But, if you take a boatload of high school starters and train them as 3 IP/3 days, you could try to run a 3 day rotation of ABC/DEF/GHI, and that still leaves 4 spots for relief work as currently understood. Tons of...
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    NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 Discussion and Gamethread

    If the NBA wants the tournament to be a "thing" they should suspend Draymond for all GS tournament dates for the season- whether they are eliminated or still playing, Draymond sits those games.
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    Uncork one: the Port Cellar's opinion on Mazzulla and Udoka

    Udoka can point to the second half of the regular season last year to support the notion that he is the better coach- that was a great run. However, his team came up small in the big moment just as much as Mazulla's team did. The core players demonstrated the same allergic reaction to success...