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  1. MtPleasant Paul

    Larry Lucchino dead at 78

    A smaller point than others are making here, but the Sox probably don't win in 2007 without Larry. During Theo's absence he made, or at least approved, the Hanley for Beckett and Lowell trade. It's doubtful that Theo makes that trade. As the Globe obit says Theo was more of a player development...
  2. MtPleasant Paul

    RIP Jimy Williams

    Jimmy's successor was Joe Kerrigan, not Joe Ferguson. I made the same mistake on a post here a couple of years ago. I must be in my dotage.
  3. MtPleasant Paul

    RIP Jimy Williams

    Jimmy wasn't afraid to make decisions. In 1997 he defied Dan Duquette who told him not to start Steve Avery to avoid triggering a $4,000,000 player option for the next season. In 2001 he refused to start Pedro when he showed up 30 minutes before a scheduled appearance. In his last season he...
  4. MtPleasant Paul

    Not our Star Blazer: Yamamoto signs with the Dodgers for $325 million, 12 years

    Opposition to a salary cap is the sine qua non of the union. If the owners try to install it there will be a strike and we will be back to the labor wars of the 80's and 90's. That is basically what cost us the last third of the 1994 season and that year's World Series.
  5. MtPleasant Paul

    The Dugie Down Bronx: Red Sox trade Alex Verdugo to Yankees

    Yup. This is very Bloomy, which, at this point in time is exactly the way to piss off the average Sox fan and guarantee another decline in ticket sales. Obviously, the off-season isn’t over but Bloom just increased the immense pressure he was facing prior to this move. Sure the fans want big...
  6. MtPleasant Paul

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    This is wonderful. From which of his plays is the Shakespeare quote?
  7. MtPleasant Paul

    So....who is the new GM/head of baseball ops?

    Seth Mnookin in Feeding the Monster quotes Nick Cafardo saying "CEO Larry Lucchino...sealed the deal with the Marlins." (p. 387) Lajoie and Shipley were the spear carriers. The deal probably wouldn't have been made if Theo had been around. He was somewhat more oriented to player development...
  8. MtPleasant Paul

    So....who is the new GM/head of baseball ops?

    As I recall, Larry Lucchino essentially made the Ramirez et al for Beckett and Lowell trade.
  9. MtPleasant Paul

    The 2023 Injury Thread

    I have a feeling that, if there is to be a call up, it will be Wilyer Abreu.
  10. MtPleasant Paul

    Bill Mueller’s 2 grand slams revisited

    What a great post and thanks for sharing, especially your memory of your Dad. I'm constantly amazed at the richness of the fan experience of the members of this board. If one talks about a former player even from way back, someone mentions that they met or knew him. If one remembers a game...
  11. MtPleasant Paul

    How long will Chaim last?

    But THIS is the year they have been out of the top six, dropping from 6 to 15 from roughly 207 mill last year to 173 mill this year. And why? If the goal is to stay under the luxury tax which was increased to $230 mill this year, shouldn't the payroll have gone up? If the goal is to build...
  12. MtPleasant Paul

    6/11: Sox vs MFY

    It feels like Martin makes one one inning appearance a week.
  13. MtPleasant Paul

    Marcelo Mayer, and his gorgeous hair, drafted by Sox / 4 Overall

    Mayer's coming fast. He's one of the top half dozen prospects now in minor league baseball. Is it possible that he's our shortstop next year? With Story at second base it looks like a big improvement over the bunch they have been sending out there this year.
  14. MtPleasant Paul

    Tilt: Game Over

    Maybe he can find his place in the nether regions of some pitching staff. That Tampa Bay was reduced to picking up Jake Diekman is a parable about the shallowness of MLB pitching these days. Unfortunately the Sox don't have much available in the farm system. I thought that Walter and Mata...
  15. MtPleasant Paul

    Young, scrappy and hungry: when does Hamilton get his shot?

    One thing to consider about Hamilton is his relative lack of experience even though he is 25. He missed his senior year at Texas in 2019 and, of course, lost 2020 to the pandemic although he spent some time with an independent league team. He began his minor league career in 2021. He has about...
  16. MtPleasant Paul

    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    After listening to Bloom my guess is that Barnes will be traded for some minor league filler to a team which will assume two or three mill of his contract while the Red Sox eat the rest. He and Taylor will be replaced by a Worcester. shuttle of Crawford, Winckowski, Mata and Walter.
  17. MtPleasant Paul

    Red Sox acquire SS/3B Adalberto Mondesi for Josh Taylor

    Why so? His father Raul Mondesi had a long history of outbursts culminating with one egregious episode with Joe Torre and was sentenced to prison on corruption charges after he went into Dominican politics. Don't want to ascribe the sins of the father to him, but is there smoke here? Do you...
  18. MtPleasant Paul

    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    According to Cot's contracts the Red Sox CB tax payroll at year end 2022 was $236,150,000. In the championship year 2018 it was $239,481,000. John's still spending. And what's this about the 2022 playoff run not counting? John's comment that players cost money is somewhat brain dead. He has...
  19. MtPleasant Paul

    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    I add my voice to this chorus of approval of the deal with these random thoughts. Essentially Duvall replaces Tommy Pham who goes to the Mets whose offer Duvall rejected because he could expect more playing time with the Sox. Obviously we need one more infield piece. I like Iglesias but...