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  1. Nixon Now!!

    Stacy Wakefield has passed away from cancer

    "Yes" to all of the above comments on the truly great members of the Wakefield family. May the Lord blees thee and keep thee. May the Lord make His face to shine upon thee and be gracious to thee. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and grant thee peace. Amen.
  2. Nixon Now!!

    A Festivus poll: Where does Yamamoto end up?

    I agree with riveraulwick. Let the Mets (or the MFYs) overpay for the next Daisuke Matsuzaka.
  3. Nixon Now!!

    RIP Bill Campbell

    Me too, Phineas. I became a fan in the mid 70s and loved watching Bill Campbell shut the door. RIP.
  4. Nixon Now!!

    Happy Retirement Brock Holt

    Apologies for resurrecting this thread, but YES -- BROCK HOLT as NESN color commentator! BROCK HOLT as relief pitcher. BROCK HOLT in the WALLY costume. BROCK HOLT as negotiator to resign Devers. He can do anything with a smile. Seriously, I'd love to see BROCK HOLT become a lifer with the Red...
  5. Nixon Now!!

    2022 Mariners: Say Hello 2 Heaven

    Yelling at Clouds called it -- after last night's walkoff homer I'm a Cal Raleigh fan. He's cheap, Chaim should sign him up in the offseason.
  6. Nixon Now!!

    (t)PSRT - (temporary) Post-Season Rooting Transference

    Another vote for the Mariners. They looked good when they clinched vs Oakland yesterday, especially catcher Cal Raleigh's walkoff homer. Hope Chaim looks at him in the offseason.
  7. Nixon Now!!

    MGM music hall at Fenway opens

    Does anyone know whether concerts at Fenway are more profitable than baseball games?
  8. Nixon Now!!

    Borrowing Trouble....What happens to YOU If Bogaerts and Devers Go the Way of Mookie?

    I've been less & less invested since the WS wins, especially the orgasmic 2004. I also find it hard to spend serious money on the team any more. It reminds me of a rabid jai alai fan I knew in Tampa: "I just saw the greatest athlete ever -- Number 4!"
  9. Nixon Now!!

    How Do You Root For the Sox?

    I'll cast one more vote for the laundry. A pandemic of Red Sox fever hit my high school (western Mass) during the Luis Tiant era and I never recovered. But seeing El Tiante in pinstripes cemented my loyalty to the laundry. Same with Johnny Damon. I was a fan when he wore the laundry, but I...
  10. Nixon Now!!

    Jerry Remy Has Passed Away

    RIP Jerry Remy, I'll be one of the millions who will miss you terribly.
  11. Nixon Now!!

    Tonight: MFY@ Rays for 3. Who you rooting for?

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I couldn't agree more.