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  1. attydave

    FCS Playoffs

    Go Dukes!
  2. attydave

    What to do with the extra iPhone 8 Verizon sent by mistake

    Asking for a friend: My buddy buys an iPhone 8 for his wife. Opens the box and finds 2 iPhones in there. One has the order summary wrapped around it and the numbers on the box label match the numbers on the order summary. The other phone is just - there. What's his next move? Stockpile the...
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    Screw it ! There's one way to retain our OS dominance...Win 10 is free to anyone running 7 or 8.1, b

    Windows 10 updated on 2 of my computers this weekend, a desktop and a laptop. Now, the keyboards on both are not working, just a clicking sound as keys are hit. The desktop has a wireless keyboard and the laptop has the built in keyboard. Anyone else experience this or have a solution? TIA
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    MS August 2014 Patches you should NOT install

    My wife's laptop was bitten by this bug - had no idea what happened until I read this thread. The way I found to restore her machine was to let windows run the startup repair utility. It told me it could not repair, but gave me a link to additional repair options, one of which was system...
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    Fitbit versus Up (vs. other fitness tracking gear)

    I am using the Fitbit One - I wanted the Force, but the recall took away that option. The One is a clip on, but it comes with a wristwrap for use while sleeping so you can monitor your sleep. I didn't get the Flex because it lacked an LED screen and didn't have an altimeter to track...
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    Apple Event September 2013

    Happy to have the preview tiles. I've missed them since abandoning my Palm Pre for the iPhone.
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    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    From today's notes column: "1. Intentional walks should be banned. You're asking pitchers to purposely fail." The mind reels .... He throws this shit in just to make sure we're paying attention, right? Also, sacrifice bunts should be banned. You're asking batters to purposely fail.
  8. attydave

    RIP Toucher and Rich Show ... It was fun while it lasted

    Dan Roche report here: