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  1. kneemoe

    Who Will Be the 2023 Opening Day Starter?

    I think the only reason it wouldn't be Sale is health... which is why I voted Pivetta.
  2. kneemoe

    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    Same here. I remember I was bussing tables at Bennigan's during his first Superbowl. Looney Tunes. Fucking Bennigan's lol
  3. kneemoe

    Jose Iglesias signs with Red Sox

    Poor sleep habits
  4. kneemoe

    More Accusations of Cheating in MLB

    So, we should just dismiss the accusations because he said "dead center" instead of "nearly dead center"?
  5. kneemoe

    Modem/Router Choices, Issues

    I have a 2MB pipe. I telecommute, I stream netflix/prime/etc. I realize 2 isn't enough for most folks, so I say it only for reference, but damn do these numbers seem crazy. Yeah, if I were to pull a torrent file I might have to cap it's speed or tell it to run between 11pm-3pm or whatever I...
  6. kneemoe

    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    The guy either has a full understanding of who China is in the world, and doesn't give a shit, or sees them through dollar shaded glasses and doesnt/hasn't cared to look into it more - yet felt the need to weigh in here and chastise someone who, nominally at least, has a deeper felt conviction...
  7. kneemoe

    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    Yeah, I mean, I know it's not a charitable view of him, but that's kind of my point. Overly cynical? I don't know, the guy is managing a brand, his overarching goal has always been a net worth of 1B+, right? I'd like to believe there's more of substance there, but I have serious doubts
  8. kneemoe

    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    Now that we know Nike was paying Kap decent money, isn't it likely LeBron was given some kind of heads up on that to play with the team, so to speak? Does he really deserve any credit for basically just being part of an ad campaign (in his own eyes I think it was just brand building, as dejesus...
  9. kneemoe

    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    More aggitated to do what, exactly? As an aside, have you seen that new Boston Dynamics ad for spot? Friendly looking fella, that.
  10. kneemoe

    Down on the Farm, 2019 edition

    Not much in there, but due to Lowell's visit here there's an article in today's TU about Song and a write-up on the game itself...
  11. kneemoe

    Recovering data from dead hard drive

    TestDisk/PhotoRec has been my no frills go-to for quite a while Free and pretty straight-froward That said, if the drive isn't "showing up"when you drop it into an enclosure and plug it in (or connect it directly using another laptop) you're likely out...
  12. kneemoe

    AUCTION ITEM: Paper "Work-Up"

    Right?! @johnmd20 , your generosity is something else. wow.
  13. kneemoe

    AUCTION ITEM: Paper "Work-Up"

    $50 right here
  14. kneemoe

    Breaking in a baseball glove

    I went with whatever I could find that would fit that they could actually open and close. Then again I've had next to no luck getting my guys into baseball, so take it FWIW
  15. kneemoe

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    Wrong thread for this silliness, but this is wrong. Friendly's shut down like 60 restaurants that just weren't putting asses in the seats, half of them where they were most densely packed already, MA. Nothing to do with chains/indy's
  16. kneemoe

    How to find V&N?

    People speak far more openly knowing it's a somewhat private forum. If lurkers can view it then essentially anyone can, and that'd be the end of that (just one man's opinion)
  17. kneemoe

    Hall of Fame Ballot: 2019 Induction

    Is this a poor attempt at humor?
  18. kneemoe

    Josh Gordon stepping away from football "for a bit"

    You know the guy that created 12 step program believed it was really the LSD he took that was integral to the entire process, yeah? [edit: believed]
  19. kneemoe

    Throwing in technological towels

    just done with satellites
  20. kneemoe

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    They already re-signed Pearce