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  1. hikeeba

    Turning the page: the 2024 draft contest!

    All, Erick TE Iowa Baker, Javon WR Central Florida Burton, Jermaine WR Alabama Daniels, Jayden QB LSU Fisher, Blake OT Notre Dame Jones, Jarrion CB Florida State Lee, Logan DT Iowa Maye, Drake QB North Carolina McCarthy, JJ QB Michigan McConkey, Ladd WR Georgia Morgan, Jordan OT Arizona Newton...
  2. hikeeba

    2024 SOSH Mock Draft?

    Sounds like fun! In!
  3. hikeeba

    Week 18

    Too soon!
  4. hikeeba

    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)
  5. hikeeba

    UDFA Hunting

    From the article: "The Patriots only had room for four undrafted free agents, so the usual pool of money will likely be concentrated on only a few players, Cunningham being one of them." So, how does that work?
  6. hikeeba

    Worst play in NFL history POLL

    With Pisarcik, the OC, Bob Gibson, was fired the next day (and never coached again)..... Hint, hint....
  7. hikeeba

    NFL: News and transactions

    Maybe he couldn't handle the conversation....
  8. hikeeba

    AFC and NFC Championship game thread

    aaaaaand off to ChiefsPlanet for the schadenfreude.....
  9. hikeeba

    The Game Ball: Wk. 13 at Buffalo

    How about "Le Pétogame", for the passing wind?
  10. hikeeba

    Week 10 NFL Game Thread

    From what I hear, Cam is back....
  11. hikeeba

    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    Want to sign a Bobby Bonilla-style contract? 25 years of Mint phone service for $2500: Only good today.
  12. hikeeba

    NBA Top Shot

    Why buy the Seeing Stars cards for the Showcase Quest when you can get the Limited Edition Ben Simmons Cool Cats Moment for free by sending an index card to Dapper:
  13. hikeeba

    NBA Top Shot

    Thanks! Put it up for $32 (when the low was $24), and it sold overnight, but now the low is $32. Is this something where the price will go up as the deadline for the challenge gets closer? Is there any benefit (requirement to get rare packs, getting an extra card etc) from collecting an entire...
  14. hikeeba

    NBA Top Shot

    Started 1140 in line - just got a pack: Terrence Ross Dunk #3239 R.J. Hampton Dunk #2659 Collin Sexton Steal #289 (Hustle and Show) Jordan Clarkson Layup #6583 Saddiq Bey Dunk #6176 Looks like some trade tickets in the future....